BBC Will Air The Day of the Doctor

On November 23, the BBC will take over much of their TV and radio stations to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of popular TV series Doctor Who in an extravaganza they named The Day of the Doctor.

Special programs have been planned for the day, the most noteworthy an extended, seventy-five minute episode airing on BBC One.  The new episode is entitled The Day of the Doctor and will include the two most recent doctors played by David Tennant and Matt Smith.  A link to the trailer is provided below.  From the show’s conception to explanations of time travel and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, other BBC channels will show programs exploring everything Doctor Who.

Some students, like junior Sabrina Sperl, are interested in the celebrations and think they would enjoy watching, “I would watch the programs to because I really like the show.  I would also like to learn more about the world of Doctor Who.”

Link to the preview trailer:


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

by Linden Peterson

The second installment of the popular Hunger Games book series, Catching Fire, will come to theaters in the United States on November 22 with a rating of PG-13.  A rating of ‘R’ was debated due to the violence, this was carefully avoided to appeal to the main audience of the series, young adults.

In this sequel to The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Melark (Josh Hutcherson), winners of the 74th Hunger Games, must once again return to the arena in the 75th Hunger Games.  However, this time there is a catch: they will be competing against victors from previous years.  The love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale Hawthorne (Liem Hemsworth) is also expanded, as well as the mechanisms of President Snow (Donald Sutherland).

Students at Bellbrook High School are looking forward to the release of Catching Fire.  Haily Hayslip, a sophomore, said, “I follow the books and I want to go to the midnight showing.”  Another student, junior Myra Nesbit, also wants to see the movie.  “I want to see how well it fits with the book,” she said. “Hopefully they won’t mess anything up like they messed up the Mockingjay Pin in the Hunger Games [movie].”  This is a common thread for readers of the series. They want an accurate portrayal of the book.

Cross Country making its mark!

by Casey Murphy

The girls’ and boys’ cross country teams this season did remarkable. The weekend of October 13, both teams competed in the SWBL meet at Milton Union High School. The girls’ team placed second and boys placed third.

This season both teams ran at several meets and performed proficiently, taking home many third, second and even first place finishes. “Each runner progressed very much in peaking towards the end of the season,” said sophomore Abby Fryman.

Sophomore Calla Hemelgarn commented that she personally has pushed past injuries by running for herself.  Unfortunately many athletes became injured during the season and had to either rest and sit out or push through it. Although the injuries were hard to surpass, the team did the best possible with the athletes able to run.

Recently the girls’ team ran in the Division 1 District race and placed fourth, moving on to Regionals. The boys worked very hard this season but unfortunately didn’t move on to Regionals. Individually Brad Miller placed second at Districts and made it to the Troy meet.

With each team and each runner there are traditions. “For good luck, before each race, I hold Sophie’s ring,” said sophomore Shay Stout, remembering deceased classmate Sophie Kerrigan. A team tradition is saying a prayer before each race and yelling the “I believe” cheer to get pumped up to run.

[Since publication, freshman cross country runner Kayla Parker qualified for the state meet.]

New Walkway Constructed in Bellbrook

by Cayla Destefani

A new walkway is currently under construction in Bellbrook connecting the middle school to the high school and eventually nearby neighborhoods. The path is being partially funded by the State of Ohio and the school is funding the other part. Only the stretch from the school to the street was funded by the middle school, and the state is paying for the rest of the walkway that connects the neighborhoods and roads.

For years now, and to this day, students try to walk to and from the middle school, but it is a dangerous walk that crosses many busy streets. Students also have to walk very close to the side of the road that is unpaved and not pleasant to walk on in any weather. This new walkway will provide students with safe crosswalks and a paved, weather-tolerant pathway a safe distance from the road. This will keep students safer and make the walk much more enjoyable.

This path is also very wide and can be used by the other community members as a place to walk and ride bikes, promoting walking and exercise in the community. Junior Chelsea Frederick noted, “They are doing a good job with it. It’d be a nice addition to the community.” “It benefits the middle schoolers who want to walk home, and it keeps them safe,” says junior Rachael Chandler. Another anonymous student disagreed and said they thought the walkway was not a good investment.

Phase 1 of the construction is currently being completed, and the Kable’s Mill connection from Upper Bellbrook / Pine Ct. / Feedwire Road to Kable’s Mill Drive is estimated to be completed in 2016.

Opinion: Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Runner

by Nick Martin

The compacted dirt underneath your rubber sole. The pounding in your toe after stubbing it on the third root in the past five minutes. Both of these sensations are nothing compared to the main drawback of running long distances occasionally, hardly breathing through burning lungs (in other words nearing cardiac arrest). What else do you need than a butt-kicking route and a Taylor Swift playlist to remember all your past crushes that didn’t give you the time of day?

Bellbrook is a great place to run, whether it’s on the sidewalks of a neighborhood, or an actual breathTAKING jog through the Reserve’s wildlife. Make sure you actually condition yourself, instead of showing up to track practice and having to be taken to the hospital because you fainted after the warm-up lap. Stay away from the cookies that your mom just baked, who keep calling your name back to the kitchen. Make sure you stay warm: nothing is worse than going to school and losing the ability to use your hand because the weatherman called for “sunny and high 60’s” because we all know the consistency of him being right is less than the amount of exposure my dating life has seen the past 15 and 1/2 years. Always remember the most important thing for a runner: the Twinky is not as tasty when it is coming up as it is going down.

A few more miles and you’ll be closer to that beach bod you’ve been waiting to show all the kid’s in school. How a self-proclaimed runner can look if he puts his mind to it! Now head out there and run until you can’t run anymore without eating a feast, or a Snickers bar.

Boys Soccer Soars to District Final

by Nick Martin

It’s that time of year again; the air is colder, the weather is drearier, and, yes, the soccer State Tournament has come again. The Bellbrook boys’ soccer team has an impressive record of 12-3-1 and league record of 10-1-1, winning the SWBL record for the 22nd consecutive year. Despite losing most of their starters and major powerhouse Eric Lynch, who has become a starter for the Division 1 Wright State Raiders, the young team has managed to hold its ground. Previously the team made a nice run for the State Title but were knocked out by the Carrol Patriots after going into overtime with the result of 1-0. This also ended an undefeated season and shattered our small town’s hopes of a state title.

Have no fear: the team is confident they will be a major competitor in this year’s tournament, just like last year’s team of 12 seniors. Junior captain Payne Sigman relays this confidence, “I think the team, being very young, lacks experience , but I believe we will be able to work through that and still have a pretty good shot at making it all the way.”

Sophomore Brady Tincher shares his thoughts on what to expect in this years tournament, “I believe our defense is capable of shutting any team out. Our motto is survive and move on; focus on the upcoming game and outplay the opponent for 80 minutes. We have proven that we can rise to the occasion, execute our game plan, and move on with the confidence to compete with any team in the area. We have been focusing on this tournament all season and know that we have high expectations to fulfill for our community and student body. This motivation and the fact that we are all ready to compete gives us the confidence to continue to survive and move on.” The boys so far have shown supremacy over some of our area’s strongest competitors: the Chaminade-Julienne Eagles and the Archbishop Alter Knights.

Opinion: Why Applying for College is Going to Kill Me

by Dru Hunsaker

Applying for college is going to kill me. Okay, so kill might be a little dramatic. But there is a strong possibility that it will lead to some rocking back and forth in the fetal position, muttering incoherent things. For underclassmen, it’s difficult to understand what all of the stress is about. Most of them are eagerly awaiting the day when they, too, can strut through the hallways with an air of wisdom and superiority (that, like us, they will probably not have actually earned, because, let’s just be honest here, I still have the maturity of a five year old).

Part of the problem is that by senior year we are just plain tired. Tired of homework and tests and trying to bluff our way through the things that we don’t actually understand (ahem, implicit derivatives). Anyway, any motivation that we might have had to actually get things done has pretty much been shot to heck by now. I can barely muster the energy to pull myself out of bed every morning, let alone fill out forms for some theoretical future that may or may not take place.

Another part of the problem is this so-called future. Right now I am still very much living in the present. I don’t really care to think about the amount of debt that I could very well accumulate trying to gain my needed education for the career that I will (hopefully still be) interested in ten years down the line. I don’t want to think about bills and piles of laundry and filling out tax forms. It’s all just a headache and, to be honest, the future scares me. I prefer not to dwell on the uncertainty. I would rather continue in my blissful ignorance, as though senior year will never end.

The worst part is that when I finally conquer my fears and brave the uncertainty of the future, college applications are actually kind of awful to fill out. The essay portion is so stressful and you’re supposed to find some way to be deep-but-not-cliche and witty-but-not-obnoxious. You have to pick a topic that is both meaningful to you and vaguely interesting to a complete stranger who has already read so many essays that they are predisposed against you, and to top it all off, you have to stand out among thousands of applicants all trying to do the same thing.

Then you have to find a teacher who, among all of their other students, knows you as a person and still likes you enough to write a meaningful, personal recommendation (that you aren’t even allowed to read!). You’re supposed to remember all of the things that you’ve participated in during high school, then try to come out looking like a passionate, responsible, well-rounded leader when really your life just kind of feels like a mess. Some of that is probably the teenage angst. Some of it probably isn’t.

You aren’t sleeping enough, but you keep going to bed late. You spend half your time doing nothing, then feel like you have no time to do anything, and the stress just keeps mounting. Maybe for some people it isn’t this way. I’m sure that there are a lot of people who just do what they have to do and move on with their lives. But how am I supposed to pretend that the future isn’t coming when it seems that my whole life is consumed with preparation for the inevitable? So, I suppose it’s time to wake up and force myself to finish the process that I didn’t even want to start. In the meantime, maybe I’ll finally get more than six hours of sleep in a night. One can always hope.