Number of “snow days” will change

by Linden Peterson Many students are currently confused regarding the number of calamity days, more commonly referred to as snow days, that we are permitted this year.  In the past, we have only been allowed five snow days with two-hour delays not affecting the total.  For this school year, however, the five snow days remain in effect. Next year is when the change will take … Continue reading Number of “snow days” will change

Did You Know? Interesting Official Sports

by Bridget Richard Writing on the sports beat for your local newspaper does not mean only discussing touchdowns and lay-ups. There are a plethora of other off-beat sports, as well. And especially with the debate of whether or not playing video games competitively is a sport or not, it’s important to remember what already is considered a sport. Never, fear– according to, cheerleading is counted … Continue reading Did You Know? Interesting Official Sports

Thrilling News in Curling

by Bridget Richard Curling is the tragically forgotten Olympic sport. Amongst the heated hockey tournaments and ski jumps, the enticing and epic game of curling is usually shoved aside. This year, two teams of four are training and preparing for their biggest battle yet at the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Armed with the classic stone and broom, the two American teams are perfecting their strategy and … Continue reading Thrilling News in Curling

Opinion: It’s beginning to look a lot like…?

by Abbey Knupp It’s that time of year again. The time of year when snow coats the world, lights twinkle around the rims of houses, people shop like the world’s gone mad, the air constantly smells like cookies, and the entire world is filled with a sense of…wonder. When I was a child, the holidays were all that I looked forward to. Nothing was more … Continue reading Opinion: It’s beginning to look a lot like…?

Long May She Reign

By Dru Hunsaker Dubbed by many as Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl, the CW’s new historically based drama Reign follows the teenage years of Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), during her engagement to Francis II, Dauphin of France (Toby Regbo). Fleeing the convent where she was raised after an attempt by the English on her life, Mary Stewart is whisked away to the French … Continue reading Long May She Reign

Deck the halls

by Adele Hardwick This year at Bellbrook the student government has created a competition of decorating the doorway of each mentor. This creates a positive atmosphere for exam week as well as gets the mentors involved by seeing which room can make the best Holiday Film-themed decorations. Many students have gotten creative by thinking out of the box with their decorations. Some of the students … Continue reading Deck the halls

Giants player faces concussion

New York Giants player Victor Cruz is said to have a concussion after attempting to receive a pass by Eli Manning and landing on his head during their game on Sunday, December 15 against Seattle. With only two more games this season, Cruz’s head injury may keep him from playing again this season. Students at BHS need to be aware of the danger of concussions … Continue reading Giants player faces concussion