‘The Rock’ Stars as Hercules

by Bailey Dixon On July 25th, 2014, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new movie “Hercules” comes out in theaters. The actor will portray the storied Greek demigod who, after facing his 12 labors, is sent into battle at the call of the King of Thrace and his daughter. The movie is directed by Brett Ratner and many people have high hopes for the film. The Rock … Continue reading ‘The Rock’ Stars as Hercules

Movie Review: Divergent

by Harmony Takhar Divergent was realeased in theaters on Friday, March 21. The movie earned $22.8 million opening day and earned $56 million over the whole weekend. This was low considering the movie was expected to rack up to $70 million opening weekend, though the movie is currently ranked number one in box office. The movie is based off of the best-selling book, Divergent. Playing the main … Continue reading Movie Review: Divergent

BHS chess club wins first tournament

by Adele Hardwick The Bellbrook High School Chess Club won the first place trophy at the Greater Miami Valley Chess League. The Bellbrook chess team consists of senior Vincent Tong, freshman Nathan Tong, seniors Adam Siens, Brian Siens, Dean Capozzi and Joseph Zoller. The event that was held had four teams that competed: The Miami Valley School, Troy Christian, Fairmont and Bellbrook. The tournament has five game boards … Continue reading BHS chess club wins first tournament

Uninformed Opinion: The Madness has Begun

by Mitch Powers March Madness has begun, and with it comes the chance to win a billion dollars from Warren Buffet, upsets, upsets of the people who didn’t win a billion dollars, and the improper use of the term bracket. According to Purdue OWL: “If the context of your quote might be unclear, you may add a few words to provide clarity. Enclose the added … Continue reading Uninformed Opinion: The Madness has Begun

Virginia Beats Duke and Receives ACC Title

by Allison Petkoff The Virginia Cavaliers beat the Duke Blue Devils on Sunday.  The final score was 72-63.  This game moves the Cavaliers on in the NCAA tournament.  Before this game Duke was ranked number 7 and Virginia was ranked number 6.  Because of these ranks the game would appear to be a good competition, but the Cavaliers won by 9 points, which is considered … Continue reading Virginia Beats Duke and Receives ACC Title

Opinion: Did ABC’s Castle break the Moonlighting Curse?

By Abbey Knupp After four seasons of teasing, witty banter, and romantic tension, the main characters on ABC’s hit crime drama Castle shared a passionate kiss that moved their relationship from the early stages of flirting to a full-time commitment. At the end of the last season, famous mystery writer Richard Castle popped the question to his love interest, Detective Kate Beckett, and she agreed. … Continue reading Opinion: Did ABC’s Castle break the Moonlighting Curse?

UD Upsets OSU

by Maria Gerbic University of Dayton delivered today with a shocking 60-59 upset against Ohio State.  The game left those who watched on the edge of their seats, with the score never more than 3 points apart. Vee Sanford made the winning bank shot with 3.8 seconds left in the game. This major upset ended Aaron Craft’s college career when his last second attempt bounced … Continue reading UD Upsets OSU

Album Review: Foster the People’s Supermodel

by Shelby Powers Indie band Foster the People will release their sophomore album, Supermodel, officially on March 24. Compared to their debut album, Torches, known for its catchy but subtly dark single “Pumped Up Kicks,” Supermodel is less synth-driven and has a more diverse sound with stronger lyrics. During an interview with British magazine NME, front man Mark Foster has described “Supermodel” as an “angry,” … Continue reading Album Review: Foster the People’s Supermodel

Opinion: “Yeezus” Files no Contest to Assault Charges

By Megan Haymond and Shelby Powers On Tuesday, March 18, the one and only Kayne West filed no contest to assault charges he received last summer after an altercation between himself and reporter, Daniel Ramos, at the Los Angeles Airport. Ramos was taken down in a headlock and punched in the face. Ramos chose to sue West, and West now faces six counts of a … Continue reading Opinion: “Yeezus” Files no Contest to Assault Charges