2014 NBA Playoffs

by Harmony Takhar Spring is here once again and all basketball fans know what that means: the NBA playoffs. The following teams made the 2014 playoffs: Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Bobcats, Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Memphis Grizzlies. … Continue reading 2014 NBA Playoffs

Opinion: Forty Days Without Twitter

by Shelby Powers Ever since the parental takeover of Facebook in 2010, Twitter has become the social network of choice for my generation. I am no exception to this mass of young tweeters, using the website almost daily to keep up with my peers and to project my own thoughts of less than 160 characters into the great unknown of the Internet. With my Twitter … Continue reading Opinion: Forty Days Without Twitter

Mailman Fails to Deliver 44,900 Postages

by Allison Petkoff

It was announced Tuesday that a Kentucky mailman, William Morse, hid 44,900 pieces of mail in order to make his job a little easier. The mailman hid the mail at a storage place and at his deceased mother’s home. According to USA Today, “He [William Morse] wanted to speed up his route,” reported Capt. Craig Patterson an officer. Morse wanted to speed up his route because he had to pick up his children.

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Spring = Softball!

by Emily Bunsold Spring has finally sprung in Bellbrook, and for the girls’ softball team, this officially means that it’s game on! The girls have been hard at work, putting in 110%  in their practices to do their best in games. So far, their record is 5-7, and with the tough competition they’ve been put up against, they’re doing awesome so far! For Bellbrook sophomore, Nicole Licher, … Continue reading Spring = Softball!

Teen Stowaway Survives Flight Inside Wheel Well

by Maria Gerbic Yahi Abdi, a 15 year old from California, survived a 5 hour flight Sunday by hiding inside the plane’s wheel well. The boy reportedly  ran away from his home in California to see his mother in Somalia. He jumped the fence early in the morning Sunday and picked a plane at random, unsure about his plan. The boy was not discovered until after the plane landed … Continue reading Teen Stowaway Survives Flight Inside Wheel Well

Ferry Sinks and Death Toll Rises to Hundreds

by Allison Petkoff Over 100 people have been declared dead due to a ferry sinking off the coast of South Korea on Wednesday, April 16. Onboard the ferry contained 475 people, and most were high school students on their way to a school event. Many are still missing. Trouble began when the ferry hit an object and survivors report hearing a loud bang at that … Continue reading Ferry Sinks and Death Toll Rises to Hundreds

Bellbrook Hosts Golden Eagle Invitational

by Meghna Kumar On Thursday, April 17, Bellbrook High School hosted the Golden Eagles Invitational for Track and Field. The Bellbrook Girls team ranked second overall, while the Boys team was ranked third overall. Oakwood High School ranked first for Girls and Valley View ranked first for the Boys. Though these rankings seem simple, they are achieved only through hard work and determination. The track … Continue reading Bellbrook Hosts Golden Eagle Invitational

Al-Qaeda Video Emerges Showing the Group’s Second-in-Command

by Emily Engle In early April, a video began appearing on jihadist websites depicting what may be the largest and most dangerous gathering of al-Qaeda members in open air that has been seen for years.  The video showed multiple members at the gathering that had recently escaped from a Yemen prison, but the focus of the film was al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, Nasir al-Wuhayshi.  U.S. officials believe the video … Continue reading Al-Qaeda Video Emerges Showing the Group’s Second-in-Command

High School Stabbing Injures 22

by Maria Gerbic 16-year-old sophomore Alex Hribal was taken into custody on Wednesday, April 9 after stabbing 21 students and a security guard. No victims were killed, but several were seriously injured. Law enforcement officials are working with evidence from the boy’s home to find a motive for the horrific attack. They are looking into two threatening phone calls from the night before the incident, reportedly between … Continue reading High School Stabbing Injures 22