High school prank leads to 62 student arrests

By Allison Petkoff An overnight vandalism senior prank left 63 students arrested on May 1 at Teaneck High School in New Jersey. Originally, police had charged 24 students that were over 18 years of age with burglary and criminal mischief. The other 39 students caught in the 2 am prank were charged as juveniles. Recently, the legal adults were downgraded in their charges. They will now … Continue reading High school prank leads to 62 student arrests

NBA Charges Sterling

by Meghna Kumar On May 19 the National Basketball Association charged Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, for harming the reputation of the league with his racist comments. A few weeks ago, Sterling’s personal assistant, V. Stiviano, released a video of a conversation between Sterling and herself, in which Sterling made racist remarks against African and Mexican Americans. The video was nine minutes … Continue reading NBA Charges Sterling

34-Year-Old Texas Woman Arrested for Posing as High School Student

by Emily Engle Charity Johnson was arrested on Monday, May 12, in Longview, Texas, for posing as a student at a local high school.  Johnson, despite her claims, is actually 34 years old (mistaken police records show her to be 31); she’s being charged with giving officials fake identifying information, including name and date of birth. Johnson enrolled at New Life Christian School last October … Continue reading 34-Year-Old Texas Woman Arrested for Posing as High School Student

Book Review: Hush, Hush

by Dru Hunsaker As a general rule, I like to review books that I actually enjoyed and so inspire readers to pick them up and bask in their mildewy pages the same way that I did. However, the young adult genre seems prone to some serious clunkers that really just make me reassess what, exactly, such books are teaching the thirteen-through-eighteen year olds that are … Continue reading Book Review: Hush, Hush

Book Review: The Goose Girl

by Dru Hunsaker Shannon Hale is actually one of my favorite authors so it probably comes as no surprise that I am a tremendous fan of The Goose Girl. This charming novel is what I would label realistic fantasy. Now, Goodreads has a bookshelf set aside for books with such classification; however, I am not actually sure that this is a real genre. Consequently, I … Continue reading Book Review: The Goose Girl

The New York Philharmonic: Jawdropping in D Major

by Mitch Powers The New York Philharmonic is, as I was told, the best group of musicians I was ever going to see in my life. Granted, my knowledge on philharmonics is limited to about two, so I don’t really have room for comparison. So when I went to see the Phil this past weekend in Lincoln Center, NYC, I was experiencing perfection. The piece being performed … Continue reading The New York Philharmonic: Jawdropping in D Major

Massive Turkish Mining Disaster Kills 299

By Maria Gerbic An explosion at a coal mine in Soma, Turkey on Tuesday, May 13, killed 299 workers and injured 80. The death toll rose to 299 on Saturday after a second fire broke out. Three workers are still believed trapped in the Soma mine. The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogen has expressed indifference to the situation, characterizing mining accidents as “ordinary things” and saying … Continue reading Massive Turkish Mining Disaster Kills 299

Johnny Manziel goes to Browns

By Harmony Takhar The 2014 NFL Draft was held on May 8. One of the biggest picks, and most spoken about, was Johnny Manziel going to the Cleveland Browns. Many were surprised by this move by the Browns. Manziel was very pleased to be selected by the Browns and wanted to go to that team. The team’s quarterback coach reports that Manziel had texted him during the … Continue reading Johnny Manziel goes to Browns