‘7th Heaven’ Dad not acting very Holy

by Casey Murphy Stephen Collins played the role of a loving father and pastor on the family series 7th Heaven and has reportedly been caught giving a confession to molesting three young girls on three separate occasions. The incidents reportedly happened between 1973 and 1994. “There is a formal complaint on file and the incident is being investigated by the Manhattan Special Victims Squad,” a … Continue reading ‘7th Heaven’ Dad not acting very Holy

Ohio House Recognizes Dates

by Bridget Richard As the Dayton Daily News reported Wednesday, December 10, several new official dates of recognition have been made for the state of Ohio. With September being made “School Bullying Prevention Awareness Month” and March receiving the title of “Ohio Maple Syrup Products Month,” there is one other designation that sticks out from the rest. From now on, February 21 will be known … Continue reading Ohio House Recognizes Dates

Junior Advice For Freshman Exam Takers

  By Emily Bunsold When asked “Do you have any advice for new freshmen taking the exams this year?” Many of Bellbrook High School’s Juniors had some great advice. Kate Barton “I make study guides as I go throughout the chapters so that I don’t have that much to do by the end of the semester when exams roll around.” Alyssa Rogers “Eat a good … Continue reading Junior Advice For Freshman Exam Takers

NHS Peer Tutoring all week!

By Dan Yokajty Exam week is here and students around the school are starting to stress out. Studying is a very difficult task to stay focused on. Even harder than studying is finding time to study, since juggling your schedule is tricky. So the Bellbrook National Honor Society is tackling this problem by offering peer tutoring after school every day during exam week. So if you are having … Continue reading NHS Peer Tutoring all week!

Don’t Get Too Cozy for Exams

By Mitch Hughes Exams can always be stressful for students, especially when students have to spend two hours in a seat taking what is often a difficult test. The stressful situation and long duration of exams can make those big, comfortable sweatpants, oversized sweatshirts, and even pillows seem very appealing, but it’s entirely possible that the classic, cozy exam outfit may do more harm than … Continue reading Don’t Get Too Cozy for Exams

Gift Guide

by Alyssa Rogers It can be extremely hard thinking of ideas of gifts for family. Especially trying to get creative and different each year so you don’t end up starting a pattern with the presents you give. Hopefully this can help you out! Mom It’s always cool to get a mom something that shows how much you care. Moms are suckers for sentimental gifts, but … Continue reading Gift Guide

Rolling Stone Rape Scandal

By Kate Barton Rolling Stone published the story “A Rape on Campus” detailing a University of Virginia student’s alleged account of being gang raped in one of the campus fraternities. The woman, called Jackie, said that a date with an upperclassman went wrong when he asked her to come inside his frat house, where they were throwing a party, and was forced to perform oral … Continue reading Rolling Stone Rape Scandal

Key Club Sponsors Annual Mitten Tree

By: Mitch Hughes As you may have noticed, the temperatures outside are far from a warm summer day and more and more people are bundling up for another cold winter. As these temperatures keep dropping, there are families in our area that need items to keep warm such as hats, gloves, and scarves. We’re fortunate as a school that our Key Club has organized a program … Continue reading Key Club Sponsors Annual Mitten Tree

American Horror Story

by Casey Murphy Produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story is a horror series with four fascinating seasons. Each season displays its own unique kind of abnormal events that keep the viewers on their toes. American Horror Story isn’t like other series in the way. Throughout each individual season, characters have a role, then those characters play different roles next season in a … Continue reading American Horror Story