Seniors: Exercise Your Rights

By Kate Barton Now that the senior class is age 18 or close to it, it is now the time to register to vote! There are many important voting opportunities approaching such as the general election on November 3 and the legalization of cannabis, also on November 3’s ballot. All approaching voting opportunities can be found at: It is important that every citizen votes … Continue reading Seniors: Exercise Your Rights

Getting to Know Mrs. Scohy

By: Joseph Spirk Students returning from summer vacation may have seen a new face in the Guidance Department this year. Mrs. Scohy is the new guidance counselor who took over for retiree Mrs. Pernik. I recently sat down with Mrs. Scohy to ask her some questions. Where did you go to college and what career did you plan on going into afterwards? I went to college … Continue reading Getting to Know Mrs. Scohy

NFL Season Opener

By: Mitch Hughes Sports fans across the country rejoiced this week as the NFL began its 46th season. The much-anticipated weekend provided fans with nonstop action with sixteen games spanning four days. Though things were just getting started, every game had its fair share of some serious play-making. On Thursday, September 10, the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the New England Patriots for the first official game … Continue reading NFL Season Opener

What You Need to Know For Empire Season 2

By: Harmony Takhar Empire Season 2 airs on Wednesday, September 23, 2015. Did you miss the first season but desperately want to watch this show? Or maybe it seemed interesting, but you just didn’t watch it? I got you covered. Here’s a recap of Season 1: Our main characters in this show are the members of the Lyon family. There’s the father, Lucious, the mother, … Continue reading What You Need to Know For Empire Season 2

Oh Man, The Man Booker Shortlist is Announced!

by Rachel Stewart On September 15, the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize was announced.  The Man Booker is a prestigious prize, and according to its website, “the world’s most important literary award.”  Every year, the prize is awarded to one book that was written in English and published in the United Kingdom.  The winner receives £50,000, and all shortlisted authors receive £2,500 and a designer-bound copy of their … Continue reading Oh Man, The Man Booker Shortlist is Announced!

Apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier

by Emily Bunsold In this day and age, technology is an essential part of how we live our lives. Our computers, televisions, and cell phones all take part in making our lives easier. Some might argue that technology is doing nothing but distracting us from the real world and that we are better off without it, but in many ways, the apps we use on or … Continue reading Apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier

EU Establishes Border Restrictions

by Kate Barton Due to an unprecedented number of migrants, the previously “border free” EU is creating border controls. Germany, for example, is expected to receive 800,000 refugees this year. Germany has just imposed checks on its border with Austria due to the large number of migrants. Not all countries are welcoming; Hungary has built a wire fence 110 miles long to keep migrants out … Continue reading EU Establishes Border Restrictions

Less is Less and that’s Okay

by Rachael Birri More. Bigger. Not better. Living in a Western world of mass consumerism harms our planet, our wallets, and most importantly, our mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, children under the age of 4 cannot distinguish between television advertisements and scheduled programming, meaning that want and entertainment become associated at a very early age. This advertisement doesn’t let up as we … Continue reading Less is Less and that’s Okay

There She Is, Miss America 2016!

by Alyssa Rogers Sunday, September 13, the new Miss America was crowned. Betty Cantrell comes from Georgia and is the first Miss America in three years to be from a state other than New York. Her court included first runner-up Hannah Roberts from Mississippi, and second runner-up Kelley Johnson from Colorado. Cantrell was the successor of Kira Kazantsev from New York. Cantrell was very gracious when … Continue reading There She Is, Miss America 2016!

Bellbrook Says 再见 [Goodbye] to the Chinese Program

by Jackie Thompson In our increasingly international world, everyone can agree that learning a foreign language is beneficial. It teaches students about different cultures, makes them more appealing to potential employers, and can even improve their grasp of English grammar.  Even more than that, it can be fun too. Senior Kalee Northern fondly recalls her days in French class making crêpes and learning about the different castles … Continue reading Bellbrook Says 再见 [Goodbye] to the Chinese Program