Goodbye and Hello to Your Favorite Movies and Shows

By Jaclyn Frank

It is time to say goodbye and hello to some TV shows and movies that have brought many people joy on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix has to get rid of some shows every so often in order to add new entertainment. Here are the shows and movies that are saying goodbye this November, and ones coming to the Recently Added menu.

Hello to:

  • Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
  • Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce
  • Last Days in Vietnam
  • Robot Overlords
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Season 1
  • Smithsonian Channel: The Day Kennedy Died
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
  • Call Me Lucky
  • Young & Hungry: Season 2
  • Dior and I
  • Ultimate Spider Man: Season 3
  • Switched at Birth: Season 4
  • A Perfect Man
  • Best of Enemies

Goodbye to:

  • America In Primetime
  • Batman and Robin
  • Best Kept Secret
  • Cleopatra
  • Fargo
  • Conspiracy Theory
  • Saw I, II, III, IV, and V
  • Scream
  • Soul Plane
  • Stand by Me
  • Three Kings
  • Year of the Dog
  • The Perfect Stranger
  • A Girl Walks into a Bar
  • Teen Beach Movie

Watch your favorite movies before it’s too late!

Justin Bieber Makes A Comeback

By Jaclyn Frank

Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose released last Friday, November 13. Leading up to the release, Justin Bieber’s entourage went around to different cities throughout the world and put graffiti on city walls announcing the song titles. Justin Bieber’s past album, Believe, was released in the summer of 2012. After a long three years, Justin Bieber made a comeback with his music.

Throughout those three years, Bieber went through a rough time with the law, paparazzi, and media. Many Beliebers, his fan base, lost faith in the teen heart-throb, along with many adults. After he and his family realized he was headed down a wrong path, he decided to focus on what mattered most to him: music, family, and God. He started hanging out with friends that shared the same religious values as him and he started to get back into the studio.

The connotation that goes along with Justin Bieber has often been a negative one. After his new album release, he has gained the respect back from many former fans. Many popular artists are featured on Purpose, such as Halsey, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Ariana Grande, and Nas. These music artists with very different sounds bring variety to the album. Justin Bieber has quickly announced his world tour for Purpose and the pre-sale tickets sold out within a minute. This goes to show how great the album truly is. Justin Bieber has gotten his fans back and most importantly has gotten back on the right track.

Earthquake Shakes Japan

By Kate Barton

On Friday, November 13, an earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan. The quake measured a 7.0 on the Richter scale and created a relatively small tsunami. No damage or injuries have been reported.

However, this is not the first, or surely the last, time that an earthquake has taken place in this area. Japan is near the Philippine sea plate with a very active plate boundary since the plate is undergoing subduction. The most recent, catastrophic earthquake there was in 2011 when a level 9.0 earthquake killed around 18,000 is northern Japan with the ensuing tsunami.

Another quake has already occurred, early November 18, with a level of 5.1 near Kagoshima. This quake is not as dangerous as others, but it is a continuation of earthquakes in this area.

Terror in Paris

By Kate Barton

On Friday, November 13, six terrorist attacks of shootings and bombings were carried out in Paris by the terrorist group ISIS. Locations include restaurants, the Stade de France, and a concert hall. For many, this terrorist attack resembles 9/11. The death rate is lower, but the malicious intent is the same. The death count now is at least 127, all civilians.

Videos are available from witnesses of the attacks of the bloody massacres and their effects. Seven of the terrorists have been killed so far. Other suspects are being pursued. ISIS has twice taken responsibility for the attacks. French president Francois Hollande has vowed revenge. Attacks are already being carried out against ISIS in Syria by France.

Obama has since agreed to send further troops to combat ISIS. The terror of this organization continues, ensuring their view as a definite threat. Many countries will likely be needed to defeat ISIS, and many are willing.

Potential Winter Formal

by Kennedy Szekely

The forthcoming question in Bellbrook High School is whether or not to host a winter formal dance. Many think this can gain a lot of revenue which could potentially go to the JROTC program at BHS. Many want to host the dance due to the fact that many of our neighboring schools have one as well.

After a poll conducted by The Nest on Twitter, the senior student run Twitter account regarding whether followers would be interested in attending a Winter Formal, 70% of the 100 who voted said yes to the idea and the remaining 30% disagreed.  Many would like to see a Winter Formal happen and to even have a “Sadie Hawkins” approach, where the girls ask the boys instead.

How will the world respond to the Paris attacks?

By Anna Starkey

On Friday, November 13, Paris fell victim to ISIS as the world watched in disbelief.  More than 100 innocent lives were taken during bombings across the city.

France has responded quickly, promising to fight back in the war against terrorism while seeking a global coalition to defeat the Islamic State (IS). Already, France has began to intensify airstrikes on IS militants in both Syria and Iraq. France’s allies are preparing to help by continuing Syrian airstrikes, increasing intelligence cooperation, and tightening border security.

Issues surrounding the Friday attacks were discussed at the G-20 summit conducted during the following days in Turkey.  Typically, the summit consists of powerful nations discussing the world economy.  Due to recent events, the meeting instead focused around dealing with the Islamic State. Thus far, leaders from the United States, Russia, England, France and other western nations have agreed to share information regarding counter-terrorism as well as planning to work together to weaken the Islamic State.  For now, nations are working independently by conducting their own operations and following their own policy in regards to foreign intervention.

Despite quick responses from world leaders already, the question still stands whether or not France will enact the Collective Defense Provision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  This provision, last enacted by the U.S. after 9/11, considers an “attack on one as an attack on all,” therefore requiring France’s allies to send forces alongside France to defeat the Islamic State.  For now, French leaders have announced that they are not planning on enacting the provision anytime soon.









Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

By: Mitch Hughes

Have you grown tired of people only talking about a handful of sports? Are you tired of hearing about the endless scandals that the athletes of mainstream sports get tied up in?  When you hear grown men recite countless football, baseball, and basketball statistics that hold no real meaning, do you slightly die inside? Do you find yourself avoiding conversations with people whose only interests seem to be sports related? If you didn’t answer yes to one of the previous questions, this article may not be for you, as it will be exploring a new realm of athletic events. Here is a list of sports that you’re sure to have a ball learning about.

  1. Wife Carrying

This game has its origins in nineteenth century Finland, where looters would supposedly steal food and women from the villages they sacked. According to the traditions of wife carry, the male competitor carries his female teammate on his back through some sort of obstacle course that measures 253.5 m alongside their competition with the hopes of finishing the course first. In the U.S., wife carry competitions are held in Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.


2.) Bathtubbing

Bathtubbing was born in Nanaimo, Canada in 1967, where the first ever Nanaimo to Vancouver Great International World Championship Bathtub Race took place. The sport consists of competitors racing inside of a floating bathtub in a body of water. There are a multitude of different races including 100m circuit and synchronized bathtubbing and oars or motors are used depending on the race.

3.) Ferret Legging

Born in Yorkshire, England, where it was popular with coal miners, ferret legging involves participants letting a feisty little ferret into their pants to see how long they can keep it there. Justifiably, the sport has lost its popularity thanks to a sharp increase in common sense among all humans. The world record stands at a rabid  5 hours and 30 minutes set by Frank Bartlett and Christine Farnsworth.



4.) Gurning

The word “gurn” quite literally means to make a grotesque face, and that’s what this English sport is all about. The competition consists of contestants holding a horse collar around their neck as they make the most horrendous face possible. The sport is far from fair, as those that are born terribly ugly have a natural advantage.

5.) JumpRopeSprint

JumpRopeSprint is a sport that is relatively new, and its creators have high hopes for it to become an Olympic sport. The activity itself is as simple is running while jumping rope, one jump per stride. Even if you don’t plan to be the next JumpRopeSprint world champion, incorporating it in your training for other sports can provide a variety of benefits including increased coordination, speed, and balance.