Goodbye and Hello to Your Favorite Movies and Shows

By Jaclyn Frank It is time to say goodbye and hello to some TV shows and movies that have brought many people joy on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix has to get rid of some shows every so often in order to add new entertainment. Here are the shows and movies that are saying goodbye this November, and ones coming to the Recently Added menu. Hello to: Beethoven’s Christmas … Continue reading Goodbye and Hello to Your Favorite Movies and Shows

Justin Bieber Makes A Comeback

By Jaclyn Frank Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose released last Friday, November 13. Leading up to the release, Justin Bieber’s entourage went around to different cities throughout the world and put graffiti on city walls announcing the song titles. Justin Bieber’s past album, Believe, was released in the summer of 2012. After a long three years, Justin Bieber made a comeback with his music. Throughout … Continue reading Justin Bieber Makes A Comeback

Terror in Paris

By Kate Barton On Friday, November 13, six terrorist attacks of shootings and bombings were carried out in Paris by the terrorist group ISIS. Locations include restaurants, the Stade de France, and a concert hall. For many, this terrorist attack resembles 9/11. The death rate is lower, but the malicious intent is the same. The death count now is at least 127, all civilians. Videos are available … Continue reading Terror in Paris

Potential Winter Formal

by Kennedy Szekely The forthcoming question in Bellbrook High School is whether or not to host a winter formal dance. Many think this can gain a lot of revenue which could potentially go to the JROTC program at BHS. Many want to host the dance due to the fact that many of our neighboring schools have one as well. After a poll conducted by The Nest on Twitter, … Continue reading Potential Winter Formal

How will the world respond to the Paris attacks?

By Anna Starkey On Friday, November 13, Paris fell victim to ISIS as the world watched in disbelief.  More than 100 innocent lives were taken during bombings across the city. France has responded quickly, promising to fight back in the war against terrorism while seeking a global coalition to defeat the Islamic State (IS). Already, France has began to intensify airstrikes on IS militants in both … Continue reading How will the world respond to the Paris attacks?

Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

By: Mitch Hughes Have you grown tired of people only talking about a handful of sports? Are you tired of hearing about the endless scandals that the athletes of mainstream sports get tied up in?  When you hear grown men recite countless football, baseball, and basketball statistics that hold no real meaning, do you slightly die inside? Do you find yourself avoiding conversations with people … Continue reading Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

The Republican Candidates on Support (or Lack Thereof) for the Arts

by Meghna Kumar The upcoming 2016 presidential election has already caught the attention of the American public with this election’s flamboyant candidates. Major news networks such as CNN and CNBC have already televised debates between the candidates vying for the Democratic and Republican nominations for the impending election. A highly contested subject that has recently come to light is funding for the arts and arts … Continue reading The Republican Candidates on Support (or Lack Thereof) for the Arts

Russian Airliner Crashes in Sinai Peninsula

By: Joseph Spirk On Saturday, October 31, a Russian passenger plane carrying 224 people on board crashed shortly after take off in the Sinai Peninsula after departing from the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh. The crashed killed all those on board. The plane consisted of mostly Russian tourists and was headed back to the Russian city of St. Petersburg. Egyptian authorities say they received no SOS … Continue reading Russian Airliner Crashes in Sinai Peninsula


by Rachael Birri In the recent terrorist attacks in Paris led by ISIS, it’s hard to find solace in the deaths of around 120 people and injuries of hundreds more, but the world has shown their support through their own means: social networking. Instagram exploded with the photo by French illustrator Jean Jullien which depicts the Eiffel Tower inside a peace sign, typically accompanied by the hashtag … Continue reading #PrayforParis