Seniors 2016 Take On the World

by Jaimie Franz Butterflies in the stomachs of seniors are starting to buzz. As graduation quickly approaches, most of the seniors’ excitement circles around becoming more independent, leaving parents, starting adult life and having new experiences outside of Bellbrook High School and the Dairy Shed. The assortment of different majors are rolling in, ranging all the way from neuroscience to management information. The majority of majors focus … Continue reading Seniors 2016 Take On the World

Lending A Hand to A Neighbor

by Elaine King Tis’ the season! For atrocious weather and low stock piles, that is. This year Partnership for Success is hosting a “winter needs for St. Vincent De Paul shelter.” They are hoping to supply the winter needs for the 100+ preschool-aged children living at the shelter. The drive started this past Monday, January 25, and will go through next Friday, February 5. Lists … Continue reading Lending A Hand to A Neighbor

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s More Superhero Movies!

By: Rachel Stewart Recently, the first trailer for Warner Brothers’ new movie, Suicide Squad, which releases on August 5, dropped.  This isn’t the first clips we’ve seen of this movie, as there’s already a teaser trailer floating about, but this is the first “official,” full-length trailer.  This movie follows a group of DC villains/anti-heroes who band together in order to get a lesser prison sentence.  They … Continue reading It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s More Superhero Movies!

A Winning Team

by Elaine King The Bellbrook Girls Basketball team is 21-0, raking in an undefeated season thus far. They’ve shown skill on the court, but there’s more than just shots and blocks. There’s the team behind the record. The Lady Golden Eagles have held off teams like Centerville, Clinton Massie, and Beavercreek. They have shown obvious teamwork on the court, but what about off the court? Bench … Continue reading A Winning Team

How to Survive the College Admissions Process

by Meghna Kumar As the end of the school year approaches and seniors anxiously await their admissions decisions so that they can finally be relieved of the stress of college admissions, juniors draw nearer and nearer to the process. This taxing time can be intimidating and often leaves students frustrated and complaining that admissions decisions are random and that no one can succeed. But the … Continue reading How to Survive the College Admissions Process

How To Manage Your Screen Time

by Meghna Kumar According to CNN, teenagers spend an average of nine hours a day watching TV, videos, and movies, playing video games, reading, listening to music and checking social media. Let’s face it: this statistic isn’t shocking. Nowadays, regardless of where I go, I am amazed by the number of people who are able to walk with eyes glued to their phones, never looking … Continue reading How To Manage Your Screen Time

Second Semester Seniors

by Alyssa Rogers As the countdown to graduation begins and college acceptance letters start coming in the mail, seniors at BHS are getting incredibly antsy to put on their cap and gown and get handed their diploma. While interviewing students about their feelings on graduating there was one word that was said over and over, “pumped.” Madi Noel, who plans to attend Ohio State, went into … Continue reading Second Semester Seniors

A Cents-ible Guide to Scholarships

by Jackie Thompson With batches of admission decisions coming in each week, many seniors are discovering they’ve successfully tackled the first obstacle on their path to higher education: getting in. Being accepted into any college is cause for celebration, so by all means, celebrate. But remember, the issue of paying for college still remains. “I think a lot of people don’t realize how many scholarships … Continue reading A Cents-ible Guide to Scholarships

David Bowie dies at age 69

By: Rachel Stewart David Bowie, musician and showman, died on January 10, at age 69, after losing his 18-month battle with cancer. Bowie recently co-wrote an off-Broadway musical with playwright Enda Walsh called Lazarus, and he was at its world premier.  He also just released a new album on his 69th birthday, entitled “Blackstar,” which in itself is a reference to cancer, specifically a scar that can … Continue reading David Bowie dies at age 69

Will the Globes predict the Oscars?

By: Anna Starkey The 73rd Golden Globe Awards took place on January 10, 2016 to honor the most outstanding films and television of 2015.  Nominees and winners were selected by the Hollywood Foreign Press as Ricky Gervais hosted the show for the fourth time.  The night was filled with continual bleeping and laughter as dry-humor and crude jokes ran rampant.  Highlights of the night included The Revenant … Continue reading Will the Globes predict the Oscars?