Seniors 2016 Take On the World

by Jaimie Franz

Butterflies in the stomachs of seniors are starting to buzz. As graduation quickly approaches, most of the seniors’ excitement circles around becoming more independent, leaving parents, starting adult life and having new experiences outside of Bellbrook High School and the Dairy Shed.

The assortment of different majors are rolling in, ranging all the way from neuroscience to management information. The majority of majors focus on mathematics, engineering, science, medicine and business. Evan Hyman said that he would like to become a Theme Park Engineer. Who knows, perhaps he will be the one to create the next rollercoaster at Kings Island.

When asked if they feel that high school has prepared them for this next step in their life, quite often the answer was yes. Seniors noted they learned how to study, manage their time and taking specific classes in the field that they are considering going into while at BHS. Several students have stated the appreciation for the Engineering programs, science department and the scope of businesses classes that were available to them through out their high school career. Melissa Wahl said that she really learned how to work in groups and handle different personalities, learning to see different perspectives.

Thankfully the seniors of 2016 are not only planning to further their education but also planning on making a difference in the world as they grow into the role of adulthood. Several discuss continuing their involvement in volunteering. Chase Sawyer said, “I would like to become a trauma surgeon; I could save lives…” Ethan Aldridge talked about how he wanted to educate people on health and making responsible decisions for their body. Some seniors even talked about coming back to Bellbrook to live in the community they were raised in to make a difference.

Lending A Hand to A Neighbor

by Elaine King

Tis’ the season! For atrocious weather and low stock piles, that is. This year Partnership for Success is hosting a “winter needs for St. Vincent De Paul shelter.” They are hoping to supply the winter needs for the 100+ preschool-aged children living at the shelter. The drive started this past Monday, January 25, and will go through next Friday, February 5.

Lists of acceptable items have been given to each mentor class and have been posted around the school. A few examples of items include baby powder, baby wipes, non-aerosol deodorants, gently used to new blankets, gently used to new winter boots, and socks for men. Donations should be turned in to mentor period teachers. As the drive is actually a competition among mentor classes, the mentor with the most items donated will receive Bill’s Donuts. Monetary donations are also welcome and can be made online at

According to senior member Meghna Kumar, “PfS has no numerical goal but would like to be able to supply all the children housed by the shelter.” St. Vincent De Paul is a local shelter that aids over 100,000 people every year and works 24/7 to do so. The shelter provides housing and assistance to anyone on the verge of being homeless. The donations will go straight to your neighbors, providing the essentials they cannot afford.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s More Superhero Movies!

By: Rachel Stewart

Recently, the first trailer for Warner Brothers’ new movie, Suicide Squad, which releases on August 5, dropped.  This isn’t the first clips we’ve seen of this movie, as there’s already a teaser trailer floating about, but this is the first “official,” full-length trailer.  This movie follows a group of DC villains/anti-heroes who band together in order to get a lesser prison sentence.  They take on jobs that are too deadly for normal superheroes to take on, jobs where they can’t afford to lose whoever goes in to complete the task.  If prisoners die, however, we turn the other cheek.

This group does have their own comic series, but their lineup in the current comics is slightly different than the movie ensemble.  In the movie they’re comprised of Deadshot (who is also their leader), Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, Boomerang, El Diablo, Killer Croc, Enchantress, and Katana.  The Joker is also set to be a main character in the movie, as well as Amanda Waller, the government official who gives the squad their orders.  Rumors are that Batman will make an appearance.

As a DC comics fan, I love a lot of these characters and I’m very excited for the film, as is senior Sam Wick, who said, “I’m really excited to see where they go with some of these characters.  I was skeptical at first but after seeing the trailer I can’t wait to see the movie.”

Along with Suicide Squad, there are a multitude of other superhero movies set to debut in 2016, such as:

  • Deadpool– Marvel- February 12
  • Batman v. Superman– DC- March 25
  • Captain America: Civil War– Marvel- May 6
  • X-Men: Apocalypse– Marvel- May 27
  • Gambit– Marvel- October 7
  • Dr. Strange- Marvel- November 4

Watch the Suicide Squad trailer here:

A Winning Team

by Elaine King

from The Brook

from The Brook

The Bellbrook Girls Basketball team is 21-0, raking in an undefeated season thus far. They’ve shown skill on the court, but there’s more than just shots and blocks. There’s the team behind the record.

The Lady Golden Eagles have held off teams like Centerville, Clinton Massie, and Beavercreek. They have shown obvious teamwork on the court, but what about off the court? Bench warmer Lauren Redfern says the team gives a “family feel. I just moved here, it’s my first team and everybody gets along. We get that family aspect with one goal. It’s fun!” Team Captain and junior Stephanie Dorn agrees with Redfern and adds, “We get along for the most part.”

When it comes to girls there’s always drama, especially when it comes to sports teams. It is inevitable for the girls to nit pick and feel insecure about how they and their team play. But the only senior on the team, Gabby Ozoude, reveals that it surprises even her that nothing big on the team comes up. All drama is left in the locker room and is never anything major. The team goes out to celebrate after big wins and just recently got pedicures together at the coach’s expense. The girls are a team and a family on and off the court.

How to Survive the College Admissions Process

by Meghna Kumar

As the end of the school year approaches and seniors anxiously await their admissions decisions so that they can finally be relieved of the stress of college admissions, juniors draw nearer and nearer to the process. This taxing time can be intimidating and often leaves students frustrated and complaining that admissions decisions are random and that no one can succeed. But the decision process is neither random nor impossible. And here are the three most important tips on how to survive the admissions process unscathed:

1. Start early! You don’t have to start writing your college essays immediately, but it’s a good idea to review essay prompts for the Common App (or the Universal Application) and essay prompts for any supplements required by each individual college you are applying to. Make sure you have some ideas for your essays before school starts so that you aren’t scrambling to put things together at the last minute. Many of Bellbrook’s English teachers actually give their seniors class time to write college essays, and if you are given this opportunity, definitely take advantage of it. Keep in mind that once school starts, you will have copious amounts of homework to fret over, in addition to your applications. Completing some parts, such as the family information portion of the application, could relieve some stress down the line.

2. Choose colleges that fit you and your interests. Decide which colleges you want to apply to over the summer. It’s also a good idea to look up colleges that are ranked well for your intended major. When considering where you want to spend your next four years, make sure to consider the atmosphere of student life at your future alma mater, but make sure your sole criterion for selecting the school is not based upon your friends; prioritize your education and find an institution that will suit your individual interests and pursuits. Senior Anna Starkey, a future Zoology and Art double major, chose the Ohio State University for its networking possibilities. Starkey says, “I think it’s one of the best colleges in Ohio and the network of alumni has the potential to help me find a job once I graduate.”

3. Be aware of deadlines! Colleges have different application deadlines and different scholarship deadlines. All these different dates can get confusing and are easy to miss. Putting the dates into the calendar on my phone helped me keep track of when my applications were due. Having the application ready for submission before the due date will give you extra time to revise and edit mistakes and ensure that you are representing yourself in the best way possible to the admissions committee.

Although filling out applications can seem like the most nerve-racking part of senior year, it can be manageable. Applying to colleges may not be easy, but everyone who tries makes it through to at least one college.

How To Manage Your Screen Time

by Meghna Kumar

According to CNN, teenagers spend an average of nine hours a day watching TV, videos, and movies, playing video games, reading, listening to music and checking social media. Let’s face it: this statistic isn’t shocking. Nowadays, regardless of where I go, I am amazed by the number of people who are able to walk with eyes glued to their phones, never looking up. Although using and checking our phones multiple times a day has become commonplace, nine hours a day of cellphone use accounts for 50% of our waking hours (assuming the average person sleeps for 6 hours of the 24 hours in one day). If you need help staying off of your phone, here are some apps that can help:

1. Freedom: this app is available for the iPhone and it allows you to block any website of your choice for a certain number of hours. For example, you can choose to block Twitter from 4-7 pm, and the app will prevent you from accessing the website from your phone for that time interval. You can also set the time interval to suit a daily schedule, if you wish to set a time interval to complete your homework every day. You can also choose to set a time interval for a single day if you have a big project due and want to eliminate any potential distractions.

2. Unplugged: this app is also available for the iPhone and once you “unplug,” it prevents you from accessing anything on your phone. This includes text messages and phone calls and there are no settings to allow certain individuals to contact you– it’s all or nothing. Warning: this app is easy to turn off, so if you really don’t have very much self-control, this app may not be the best choice.

3. Stay Focusd (yes, it’s spelled that way): this is actually an extension for Google Chrome, and not an iPhone app. It can be found and downloaded for free from Google store. This, like the Freedom app, allows you to block any website of your choice for a certain number of hours, but comes with an extra setting: the nuclear mode. Once turned on, this special mode cannot be turned off until the set time limit ends. This is the ideal option for anyone who doesn’t trust themselves to not turn any of the productivity apps off.



Second Semester Seniors

by Alyssa Rogers

As the countdown to graduation begins and college acceptance letters start coming in the mail, seniors at BHS are getting incredibly antsy to put on their cap and gown and get handed their diploma.

While interviewing students about their feelings on graduating there was one word that was said over and over, “pumped.”

Madi NoelMadi Noel, who plans to attend Ohio State, went into a little more detail about her feelings. “The thought of graduation is really bittersweet. I’m so thankful for growing up in such a tight-knit and strong community such as Bellbrook. However, I’m excited to move on to the next part of my life and see what my future holds!”

RickerWhen Kevin Ricker was asked on a scale from 1-10 how excited he was for college his answer, with absolutely no hesitation, was a solid 11. Kevin plans on going to West Virgina University and majoring in Business and economics.