Zika and Olympics

By: Kasen Stephensen

The dreaded Zika virus has spread across South America and Olympic teams are concerned for their own safety in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The World Health Organization released a statement on May 12 attempting to calm any fears about the Olympics and Zika.  The WHO included several suggestions to prevent the spread of Zika to others by encouraging the use of insect repellent, condoms, and air-conditioning.

However, despite the WHO’s statement, fear is raging among athletes. As of May 19, the U.S. Swim team changed the location of a pre-Olympic training camp from Puerto Rico to Atlanta because of Zika prevalence.

Pregnant women are encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of microcephaly, a condition in which children are born with unusually small heads, to their unborn children as a result of contracting Zika.

The Year for Female Athletes

By Elaine King

The female athletes of Bellbrook High School have swept the board this year. The ladies have taken home multiple titles, set records, and were awarded numerous scholarships. This year has been the year for BHS females.

In the fall, the girl’s tennis team took home first place in their league championship for the second year in a row. The Junior Varsity team beat Oakwood for the first time in the school’s history. The season was huge for the girls of both Varsity and Junior Varsity, especially senior Rachel Heinz and freshman Andrea Szep, who went all the way to districts. The girl’s cross-country team took home first place at BIT and juniors Maddie Pelfrey and Kayla Parker won 1st and 2nd place at the same tournament. The females of BHS have also dominated the game of Golf. The only girl on the team, Alyssa Burritt, plays first seed on the Varsity team and was awarded “Athlete of the Month” by Penn Station. Penn Station recognized her talent on the green but it is also important to note Burritt’s achievements in the classroom. Alyssa Burritt is the Salutatorian of the graduating class of 2016. She will be attending the University of Cincinnati in the fall and will be playing on their golf team.

In the winter, the Varsity Basketball team went undefeated in their regular season and suffered their only loss at semi-finals. The only senior, Gabby Ozoude, had a remarkable season. She was offered 25 full-ride scholarships and has decided to attend Rice University next year. Underclassmen of the team are also looking at a bright future. Rumors have it that sophomore Cassidy Bereda has numerous D1 schools watching her. Their next season will undoubtedly be one to watch. Females of the Swim and Dive team have also been awarded numerous scholarships. Holly Hulett will swim at West Point next year; her scholarship is valued at $450,000. Anna Hesseman will also be swimming in college at Malone University. Sophomore Savannah Briley set records for the dive team this past season. Her best friend Riley Allen set school records for the track team this spring.

Hats Off to Bellbrook Seniors

By Sarah Rovinsky

After four years of hard work, it’s finally here. Bellbrook’s Seniors are impatiently approaching their graduation ceremony Saturday, May 21, at 2 p.m. in Trent Arena and a representative cap decoration is crucial. For those with a severe case of senioritis, lack of inspiration, or both, here are some helpful tips.

I recommend your local craft store for supplies. For more ideas, Pinterest can be extremely helpful.


After-Prom Giving Back

by Henry Wong

Every year, the Bellbrook High School After-Prom is sponsored by local businesses which donate food, money, and prizes. This year, student government officers from the Junior class and the After-Prom Committee decided it was only fitting to somehow give back to the community and a food drive was held in tandem with Prom and After-Prom ticket sales. To encourage donations, a “Dinner & a Movie” raffle prize was offered, giving donors a chance for every can donated. A total of 43 unexpired cans was collected, which will be donated to the Harmony Creek Church located at 5280 Bigger Rd in Kettering, Ohio.

The church serves as a food pantry the 3rd Saturday of every month and every Thursday from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm. Harmony Creek Church collaborates with two other local churches, Fairhaven Church and St. Charles, to supply the food pantry. Their Feeding Friends outreach program provides food assistance to those living in areas with zip codes of 45429, 45440, 45458 and 45459. Clients are also required to show a valid eligibility form from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

The pantry is only 3.5 miles away from the high school and shows that even in the comfortable suburbs, poverty and hunger still exists. Those more fortunate can lend a hand by calling the church’s number (937) 434-3941 to donate or volunteer.

The “No ‘Poo” Movement

By: Jackie Thompson

Royal Drene, the first synthetic (no-soap) shampoo was developed by Cincinnati’s very own Proctor & Gamble in the mid-1930s. The product was an instant hit. By the 1970’s, synthetic shampoos were used daily by most Americans to wash their hair. But what about prior to the advent of the modern shampoo? What methods did earlier Americans use to clean their lovely locks?

The “No ‘Poo” Movement has sprung up around these questions and its followers love the answers they’ve found. As the name implies, the no shampoo movement considers more gentle alternatives to clean hair such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar while others swear by using water alone. The theory behind this is that synthetic shampoo’s harsh chemicals strip hair of its natural oils, drying it out, and prompting the hair to produce more oil in order to combat the sudden dryness. This creates a vicious cycle that can be incredibly damaging to the hair.

Those who have broken the cycle claim “softer, fuller, bouncier hair along with a dandruff-free scalp” according to the “No ‘Poo” Method’s website. However, there is a distinct lack of research backing these claims and supporting the theory behind the movement. The only evidence in favor are the dozens of online testimonies crying, “Yes, it really does work!” But alongside the movement’s supporters, one can also find its critiques. Organic beauty blogger of treehugger.com, Margaret Badore, found that it simply wasn’t for her. The method seems to work best for those with thick or curly hair. Regardless, if you’d like to take the No Poo Pledge, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Most No-Pooers have found that it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to “retrain” your hair’s sebaceous, or oil-producing, glands to stop overproducing.
  • The transition is easiest by switching to a gentler shampoo and washing the hair less frequently, then, once adjusted, switching to apple cider vinegar, baking powder, or water.

Chance The Rapper Takes Everyone to Church with Coloring Book

By: Harmony Takhar

Chance the Rapper released his newest mixtape, Coloring Book, on Thursday, May 12. Chance is a rapper from Chicago and has been in the music industry since 2011 in his high school days. Chance is 23 today. He’s had three other projects out before Coloring Book: 10 Day, Acid Rap and Surf. I recommend all of those and Coloring Book very much for those interested in the hip hop and rap genre.

Chance wasn’t exactly the world’s favorite person when he delayed the release of Life of Pablo by Kanye West. He was fighting for the track, Waves, to be on the album. Eventually Waves did end up being on West’s album. Chance loved Waves so much that when deciding the name of the album, Waves was even considered for it. Chance must really have been someone Kanye trusted to allow him to change his album so much. Today that song is a hit on the iTunes chart, so the world should probably be thanking him.

Coloring Book is a HUGE success! It’s on the top of the charts right now. It’s all over my Twitter timeline. This album is so different from the other rap music out there. A lot of hip hop and rap music is about love, sex, relationships, money, drugs, or about wanting respect. Chance previously wasn’t rapping about this type of stuff, though. He rapped about some things real and about things so many common people can relate to like being happy, relationships with family, friends and childhood memories. With Coloring Book, he raps about how much he appreciates the things in life. A lot of the tracks are about our God and his love for him. He mixed gospel music with rap and it is something truly gorgeous.

The album features artists such as Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Future, Kanye West, T-Pain, and Saba. I would tell you the songs I’d like the best, but that’d be all of them. I loved the ENTIRE album. I haven’t loved an album so much since 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J Cole. I was pretty close with Life of Pablo by Kanye West, though.

A Few Words From Bellbrook’s Favorite German

By: Harmony Takhar

Many people have met Bellbrook’s foreign exchange student from Germany, Vincent Kirchner. I had the chance to meet him during track season and become friends with him. I decided to do a little interview with him about his foreign exchange experience.

Q: What was the most obvious difference between the US and Germany? Everyone is more friendly in general.
Q: Do you think it’s more of a Bellbrook kind of thing or the country as a whole? I think it’s the whole country. I saw somebody walking his dog one morning and he said good morning, for no reason. Like I didn’t even know him and he said good morning. They don’t do that in Germany. If you don’t know someone, you generally keep your distance from that person.
Q: Did you feel welcomed at Bellbrook High School? Heck yes. So many people tried to hang out with me. Young Life, for example, really helped.
Q: Is there anything BHS could’ve done to help you feel more welcomed? Not really. Picking a lunch table the first month was a little hard though.
Q: Do you think sports would’ve helped? Definitely. I wish I did a fall sport because once I did track in the spring, I had many more friends.
Q: Was the transition hard? For me, no. But maybe for others, yes.
Q: Do you think you will come back to the US?  Yes! I definitely want to come back to visit my friends I made and after college I want to come back as well.
Q: What was your best memory in and out of BHS? Track season was the best at BHS and Fall weekend from Young Life was a lot of fun.
Q: Would you recommend this foreign exchange program to others when you go back? Yes, definitely. It was amazing. As you get to know more people and the culture, you fall in love with it. You get better in English, as well.
Q: Were you satisfied with your experience as a whole? Yes. My host family helped out a lot with it and I think they made it as good as it was. I didn’t really get homesick, but if I did, my host family was good at helping with that.
Q: Will you be sure to keep in contact with the new friends you made here? Most of them, yes. At least I’ll try. The older ones will all be at college, and some friendships will fade. I’ll never forget the memories though.