Trump to Announce Supreme Court Pick

by Jack Long Tonight at 8:00 pm, Trump is set to announce his nomination for Supreme Court Justice, filling the vacancy of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Trump said last week that his nominee is a, “person who is unbelievably highly respected,” and that we will be impressed with his nominee. Promising to appoint a strict conservative, two Justices make Trump’s short list: Judge Neil Gorsuch of … Continue reading Trump to Announce Supreme Court Pick

Boys basketball: the season so far

By: Sara Wolf The varsity boys’ basketball team has already experienced a share of wins and losses within their first 9 of 22 regular season games. Varsity coach Donnie Tate started off the boys’ road to a successful season by holding two practices a day, one before and after school. With intense days like those combined with hard work and new focus, they’ve earned victory … Continue reading Boys basketball: the season so far

Local Young Woman Marches on Washington

by Maddie Crane On Saturday, 21 January, I traveled to D.C. to attend the Women’s March on Washington. This was a world-wide march that focused on inclusion and rights not only for women, but also for minorities and the LGBTQ community. People were holding signs for why they specifically went, but the overall message was to remind the President and his cabinet that women were not … Continue reading Local Young Woman Marches on Washington

Republicans Begin Affordable Care Act Repeal

By: Meghan Malas As most expected, the newly established and now Republican-controlled Congress made their first order of business to begin the repeal process of the Affordable Care Act. Since its implementation in early 2010, the act (also known as Obamacare), has stirred up a fair amount of controversy among both parties. Prominent conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have repeatedly supported … Continue reading Republicans Begin Affordable Care Act Repeal

OPINION: Support Your Local Art Programs

by Jack Long I’m sitting off to the right of Mr. David Deitrick, the Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra Conductor. The seventy-piece orchestra sits in a cramped fluorescent-lit room. The brass begin to blow, at first cold and metallic, then sweetening into warm, deep sounds. The string section violently saws away at chromatic passages. Woodwinds sit quietly wetting their reeds, except for the flutes— who talk … Continue reading OPINION: Support Your Local Art Programs

Popping The Question, High School Style

by Jaimie Franz Somewhere along the way, students have turned the simple request of going to a high school dance into a surprising public display of funny puns and sweet remarks. A few months after the Homecoming dance, with the Winter Formal soon approaching, Bellbrook is starting to feel the frenzy of dance proposals once more. Only this time the tables have been turned so that … Continue reading Popping The Question, High School Style

The Countdown is On

by Jaimie Franz and Connor Robinson Coming back to school on Tuesday, January 10 officially begins the second semester, which means for all seniors the decision for next year’s plans are soon approaching along with prom and, every senior’s favorite, graduation! Third quarter begins on Tuesday, January 17 and ends March 24. This quarter is the longest of the four, stretching 67 calendar days in total. … Continue reading The Countdown is On

Dodgball to The Death

by Jaimie Franz The week of January 9-13, a dodgeball tournament took place to raise funds for the Theater Department. Senior Elaine King ran the program in conjunction with Madame Jergens. They were able to raise close to $200 through the dodgeball tournament. There were twelve different teams competing in the tournament and their names ranged from funny puns, to sarcastic ones, with enormous amounts of creativity to them. … Continue reading Dodgball to The Death

Clemson wins National Championship

By Joey Derrico The second-seeded Clemson Tigers have defeated the defending champions in the College Football Playoffs National Championship. The game took place on Monday, January 9 in Phoenix, Arizona, in front of an crowd of 76,000. The showdown was a rematch of last year’s championship game in which Alabama defeated the Tigers 45-40. This time, Clemson downed Alabama 35-31 to win their first championship since … Continue reading Clemson wins National Championship