Was Your Show Cancelled or Renewed?

By: Carter Caldwell Just as all things have life cycles, so do our favorite TV shows.  When the end of a season rolls around, fans (and sometimes, those who work on the show) are constantly wondering if their show made it.  Generally, networks keep the shows that have large fanbases, but loyal fans are always a big plus.  Shaky ratings, on the other hand, are … Continue reading Was Your Show Cancelled or Renewed?

Summer 2017 Movie Lineup

By: Carter Caldwell The summer movie season is always one that guarantees fun, and this summer is no exception.  This summer will see the release of upwards of 40 films, including horror, drama, superhero, and comedy films.  On June 2, right after school lets out, Wonder Woman will be the first modern day superhero movie centered on a female superhero.  Also released on that day … Continue reading Summer 2017 Movie Lineup

WWE Wrestle Mania… in Politics?

by Joey Derrico The special election in Montana to replace the congressional seat of newly appointed Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke turned out to be much closer than expected. Montana was a state President Trump won by 20 percentage points and, furthermore, no Democrat had held the at-large congressional seat in two decades. The Republican candidate was Greg Gianforte, a billionaire who made his earnings … Continue reading WWE Wrestle Mania… in Politics?

The American Healthcare Bill Struggles in the Senate

By: Meghan Malas The clash over philosophy, ideology, and the identity of America has been ever present in the debate over health care policy. Since the new healthcare bill passed the House of Representatives May 4, questions of morality and consequence have set forth among the public. Politifact reports the new bill proposes rolling back the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, major … Continue reading The American Healthcare Bill Struggles in the Senate

Summer Jam Suggestions

By: Meghan Malas As summer inches closer and closer, the mindsets of the student body morphs from a (somewhat) motivated, organized demeanor to one of longing. Students pine for freedom from this 7:40 to 2:40 chasm of responsibility, and with this the infamous question manifests itself among the youth- what are you doing this summer? If you are like me, you are probably at a … Continue reading Summer Jam Suggestions

Bellbrook Football: An offseason look at 2017

By: Sara Wolf The fact that current Friday nights aren’t occupied with football games doesn’t mean that the football team isn’t putting in work and making improvements for when the season does come. “The team has been putting together the best offseason ever and we are working on the little things,” says 2018 senior Keion Driscoll. Jeff Jenkins, entering into his second season as Bellbrook’s … Continue reading Bellbrook Football: An offseason look at 2017

Bellbrook Marching Band Announces Show

by Jack Long On Saturday, May 20, Chris Foster, Director of Bellbrook Bands, announced the 2017 Marching Band show music at the annual ice-breaker. Music selections include Shostakovich’s Festival Overture and selections from Henry Mancini’s The Great Race. The Bellbrook 2017 Marching Band show is based on an Aesop Fable: the Tortoise and the Hare; the show is entitled “Slow and Steady.” Over the summer, … Continue reading Bellbrook Marching Band Announces Show

Solar Flares and Our Accidental Barrier

by Jack Long It seems like something out of a science-fiction book—an invisible shield surrounding Earth—but in 2014 NASA’s Van Allen Probes discovered an impenetrable barrier in space. This barrier, caused by the interaction between very low frequency (VLF) waves and charged particles surrounding the Earth, can block solar flares from entering our Earth’s atmosphere. In an age of modern technology running well, everything, solar … Continue reading Solar Flares and Our Accidental Barrier

Track Advances to Regionals

by Kayla Stephensen At Track and Field Districts, Friday, May 19, Kylee Parker, a senior, broke the 300 hurdles school record set by Hannah Lewis in 2009. Parker remarks, “I didn’t know I was going to break the record but Coach Barnes told me I had a chance.” Maddie Crane, a junior, went to districts for 300 hurdles but unfortunately didn’t make it to regionals. She’s … Continue reading Track Advances to Regionals

Road Trip Tips

by Kasen Stephensen The Great American road trip in all of its beauty and appeal is still very intimidating.  Here are 5 tips to help turn a wishful daydream into an awesome vacation.  Check your vehicle. Roughly a week prior to starting a trip, make sure that the vehicle being used has a thorough check-up.  Tires should be rotated and fluid levels checked.  Make sure … Continue reading Road Trip Tips