The Egg Podcast

The Egg is a school-orientated podcast covering current events, lifestyle, and the Bellbrook community. Our purpose is to reach out to the student body, faculty, and staff to engage them in conversation about issues affecting the community and our school.

The Egg is published by EagleView News at Bellbrook High School and is produced by seniors Jackson Hoffer and Mackenzie Pittman with assistance from sophomore producer Sarah Bevelhymer. Content written and recorded by EVN staff members.

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Season 3

Episode 2: New Perspectives

Episode 1: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Season 2

Produced by senior Sydney Krane and junior Jackson Hoffer—with special segments by EVN staff members.

Episode 8: The Finale

Episode 7: The Meaning of Memes (prepared for the NPR Student Podcast Challenge)

Episode 6: Self Care

Episode 5: Exam Week!

Episode 4: The Great Thanksgiving Episode

Episode 3: Lasers and Life Lessons

Episode 2: Haunted Homecoming

Episode 1: Marching Eagles on the Go


Season 1

Written by seniors Meghan Malas and Jack Long—with special segments by EVN staff members.

Episode 1: Inaugural

Episode 2: Family Resource Center

Episode 3: College Tuition (opinion piece)

Episode 4: GOP Tax Bill

Episode 5: Proud To Be An American

Episode 6: St. Vincent

Episode 7: College Apps

Episode 8: Scientific Discoveries

Episode 9: Nassar

Episode 10: Tiffany Brown

Episode 11: Grace Hopper

Episode 12: Nikolas Cruz

Episode 13: Girls Going to State

Episode 14: Girls at State

Episode 15: Bellbrook Art Show

Episode 16: Shoeless