Try rock climbing for its benefits

by Ryan Westergaard Rock climbing not only aids in physical fitness, but also mental health. Climbing up a 50 foot vertical wall is going to have its challenges. Most of the time, your weight will be evenly distributed through your feet and hands, but sometimes you may have to hold all your body weight up with only your fingertips. Because of this, rock climbing is … Continue reading Try rock climbing for its benefits

Yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Treats

By: Chelsea Cozad Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means: bribing people to be your friends with pumpkin spice lattes and your world-famous cinnamon bread. Don’t have the budget to constantly supply everybody with a Venti drink? Did you lose that cinnamon bread recipe? No need to worry, these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will make you the most liked person … Continue reading Yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Treats

Summer Jam Suggestions

By: Meghan Malas As summer inches closer and closer, the mindsets of the student body morphs from a (somewhat) motivated, organized demeanor to one of longing. Students pine for freedom from this 7:40 to 2:40 chasm of responsibility, and with this the infamous question manifests itself among the youth- what are you doing this summer? If you are like me, you are probably at a … Continue reading Summer Jam Suggestions

Road Trip Tips

by Kasen Stephensen The Great American road trip in all of its beauty and appeal is still very intimidating.  Here are 5 tips to help turn a wishful daydream into an awesome vacation.  Check your vehicle. Roughly a week prior to starting a trip, make sure that the vehicle being used has a thorough check-up.  Tires should be rotated and fluid levels checked.  Make sure … Continue reading Road Trip Tips

Dorm It Yourself

By Elaine King Tuition. Books. Meal plans. The costs of college add up quickly. Here are a couple basic materials for do-it-yourself dorm room organization, so that college students can keep organized on a budget. Mason Jars Utilizing mason jars is  very trendy. With some paint, glitter, or lights, mason jars can be used as storage for pens, pencils, silverware, cotton swabs, bobby pins, etc… Hanging … Continue reading Dorm It Yourself

How to Not Cry Your Senior Year

By Henry Wong The end of anything can be difficult. This is now extremely relevant to any high school seniors. Seniors have finally established themselves, become comfortable, and achieved seniority only to lose it all once they become freshmen once again in college in the fall. To avoid wasting money on tissues, use the following tips to not shed a single tear your whole senior … Continue reading How to Not Cry Your Senior Year

Controlling your kitten’s energy: Five easy ways

by Connor Robinson Controlling any cat is a challenge. If you’re a cat owner, you are well aware of the strange behavior that our small tiger-like friends exude on a daily basis. The sound of food hitting the bowl will draw them out in the hours before the sun is up, even if they spent the entire night running around the house at 3 a.m. … Continue reading Controlling your kitten’s energy: Five easy ways

Looking to buy a new car? Here’s how

by Connor Robinson Trying to buy a used car, especially if it’s your first time, can be a stressful experience. If you feel like you aren’t knowledgeable enough to properly check over a car, or don’t understand the process of obtaining the title and insurance, don’t fret, anyone can. Following some simple steps when negotiating the purchase of a new set of wheels can make the … Continue reading Looking to buy a new car? Here’s how

Struggling to finish your last semester of high school? Here’s how to get through it.

by Connor Robinson Is senioritis hitting you hard? Here are some tips: Get plenty of sleep: It may seem simple, but keeping your body well rested during these stressful months can mean the difference between having fun and being a walking zombie at school every day. We are all guilty of staying up too late to catch up on homework or watch a favorite show, … Continue reading Struggling to finish your last semester of high school? Here’s how to get through it.