How to Study for Exams

By: Kayla Stephensen Depending on the subject and difficulty of a class, there are many ways to study. Here are some suggestions that may help for various subjects: Reread challenging material Redo problems/questions that caused issues Rewrite notes Reread notes Explain concepts to a friend Draw processes or thought processes for problems Use YouTube videos to relearn or further ingrain ideas (I like Crash Course … Continue reading How to Study for Exams

Add These to Your Fall Bucket List

50 Fall Bucket List Ideas DIY Halloween Costume Go Pumpkin Picking Jack-O-Lantern Carving Hay Ride Corn Maze Participate in “Boo-d” Culture Jump in a pile of dead leaves Make a dish for Thanksgiving Receive an awkward relative hug Spooky season outfit Carmel Apples Pumpkin seasonal treats (smoothies, bread, cookies, coffee) Go to a Haunted House Haunt Fest Stargazing bundled up Go horseback riding Bike ride … Continue reading Add These to Your Fall Bucket List

Escaping the Abyss of Your Teenage Years

by Khacor Tigner As teenagers, there is often some animosity whenever you think of yourself. With teens wondering why am I so ugly? Why do they not like me? It is truly an art to become comfortable in your own skin. This is especially true when the world seems so small and you have yet to explore the greater extents of society. Here are a … Continue reading Escaping the Abyss of Your Teenage Years

Delicious Pumpkin Cookies Make Us Ready for Fall

by Megan Hyer Pumpkin cookies are one of the best fall treats. No one ever wants to wait hours to cook and prepare them, though. This is one easy and quick recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. They take a total of about 35 minutes and makes a total of 28 cookies (depending on the size of cookies scoop).  Ingredients: 2 cups of flour 1 … Continue reading Delicious Pumpkin Cookies Make Us Ready for Fall

Struggling To Study?

by Megan Hyer Studying can be a struggle, especially when you participate in extracurriculars and other activities. Everyone has a different way they like to study. Sometimes trying something new can help improve your study habits.  One habit that could benefit you is setting a specific time to study, whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or even in the evening. At certain times you … Continue reading Struggling To Study?