High school relationships can be affected by toxicity

by Paige Bourquin High school relationships, like most relationships, are complicated. Partners go through life, laughter, smiles, and love, but also go through heartbreak, fights, anger, and pain. Relationships can be positive as long as they are healthy. Sometimes someone might get trapped in a toxic relationship with a friend or partner, and a big thing is recognizing what is making the relationship toxic, and … Continue reading High school relationships can be affected by toxicity

Learn some tips for choosing a pet

By Leanne Beane Pets are a wonderful addition to any household, but it is important that both the pet and the owner are happy with their relationship. Fish, rodents, cats, and dogs are among the most popular pets and among the most susceptible to improper care. When choosing a pet, there are four things to consider: the space available for the pet, the effort required … Continue reading Learn some tips for choosing a pet

The Dairy Shed opens for 2022

By Paige Bourquin and Bradley Jager “Slushies”“I like a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles and the eyes, that’s pretty good.”“Mint chocolate chip in a bowl.”“Chocolate, but in a bowl.”“Sprinkles!”“Their dipped cones are amazing.”“Chocolate chip cookie dough.”“The Crunch bars.” These were the favorite ice cream of people who we asked about a staple in the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek community, The Dairy Shed. This local ice cream shop started … Continue reading The Dairy Shed opens for 2022

Survival Guide: Know your legal documents to get a job 

By: Angelique Taylor The process of getting a job can be tedious and mentally exhausting, especially if you’re not prepared, so here’s what you’ll need. First here are the legal documents you need in order to get your job and work in the U.S.: Your birth certificate  US passport or immigrant passport  If you’re a student in high school, bring your school ID School and … Continue reading Survival Guide: Know your legal documents to get a job 

Will she ever find true love?

By: Angelique Taylor “Her Heart for a Compass” is written by Sarah Ferguson, a former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Sarah Ferguson wrote this book to tell the love story of her great great aunt, Lady Margaret. The story “Her Heart for a Compass” begins with a young commoner, Lady Margaret … Continue reading Will she ever find true love?

College scholarship deadlines approach

By Leanne Beane What is a college scholarship? A college scholarship is a free sum of money provided to students to help cover college-related expenses. They are typically provided by colleges or college-based institutions, but many areas possess additional scholarships that are sponsored by community members. Scholarships can be based upon academic achievements, co-curricular or extracurricular activities, hobbies, areas of study, and volunteering among other … Continue reading College scholarship deadlines approach