Developing The Healthy Addiction: Exercise

by Kyle Van Pelt Of the countless addictions possible for humans, there is one predominantly healthy one, but getting addicted to it is not as easy as picking up a cookie or a Juul. This helpful addiction is exercise, especially vigorous exercise. With the correct repetition and observable results, anyone can intentionally addict themselves to working out regularly. Hardcore physical exertion is extremely hormonal specifically … Continue reading Developing The Healthy Addiction: Exercise

Living the Island Life

by Kyle Van Pelt Lifestyles around the world all have some unique qualities, and Hawaii is home to the exceptional “Island Lifestyle”. This peculiar way of life is not exclusive to the Hawaiian islands or any place; it is expressed as an attitude of limitless acceptance of others, willingness to try almost anything, a Buddha-like calmness, and a very outward kindness.  While not exclusively Hawaiian … Continue reading Living the Island Life

Ohio’s not just corn!

By: Abby Clack Happy almost spring break! Just for you, I’ve compiled a collection of things to do for your staycation in beautiful Ohio.  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; Cleveland, Ohio. “The museum documents the history of rock music and the artists, producers, engineers, and other notable figures who have influenced its development.” Dayton Art Institute; Dayton, Ohio. “The Dayton Art Institute is a … Continue reading Ohio’s not just corn!

The Languages of Love

by Sarah Bevelhymer With Valentine’s Day on Friday, many would agree it is the season of love. Whether you have a significant other or are still waiting to find the perfect person, you can’t deny love is in the air. In a book by Gary Chapman titled The Five Love Languages, Chapman describes five categories of ways to express heartfelt love and commitment between romantic partners. … Continue reading The Languages of Love

How to throw a Holiday Party!

by Abby Clack As a child of a Southern woman, we throw very extravagant Christmas parties. This year we threw our annual Ugly Sweater Party. Here’s how: Send “Save the Dates” We like to do this around the beginning of November because the holidays are very busy. But once the party is on their calendar, they’ll probably remember to not plan anything else.  Send the … Continue reading How to throw a Holiday Party!

How to Study for Exams

By: Kayla Stephensen Depending on the subject and difficulty of a class, there are many ways to study. Here are some suggestions that may help for various subjects: Reread challenging material Redo problems/questions that caused issues Rewrite notes Reread notes Explain concepts to a friend Draw processes or thought processes for problems Use YouTube videos to relearn or further ingrain ideas (I like Crash Course … Continue reading How to Study for Exams