Learn about Feng Shui lifestyle to find your ZEN

by Raihan Elgihani Imagine a relaxed life filled with positive energy and complete harmony, being able to sit down, with your eyes closed, imagining yourself at a waterfront. You feel the wind brush gently upon your skin, and hear the seagulls warble their songs as they fly above. This tranquility can be accomplished. But how? Through the sumptuous art of Feng Shui, a cultural way of life that helps achieve … Continue reading Learn about Feng Shui lifestyle to find your ZEN

Opinion: Who does the Nike boycott actually hurt?

By: Arden Lunay Nike has recently released a controversial campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL quarterback who has been under fire after kneeling during the National Anthem, and many are calling for a boycott of their products. They argue that he is a symbol of disrespect towards American soldiers despite statements from Kaepernick claiming that he is protesting police brutality against minorities. These boycotts … Continue reading Opinion: Who does the Nike boycott actually hurt?

Chilean Students Come To Bellbrook Ohio To Experience America

by Morgan Sharbaugh Our 2nd-grade students enjoyed learning from the visiting students from Chile this morning. Please ask your child where Chile is located. pic.twitter.com/DG4aDwO6d8 — Bellbrook SB (@BellbrookSBE) September 14, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Ten Students from Thomas Jefferson High School in Santiago, Chile, have come to stay with us in Bellbrook, Ohio, for two weeks. These students have never been to America. They’ve spent five … Continue reading Chilean Students Come To Bellbrook Ohio To Experience America

Major Upset at US Open 2018

By: Emily Bevelhymer The 50th anniversary of the US Open tennis tournament was held this September in New York City with an upset win from Naomi Osaka against Serena Williams. Novak Djokovic also won his 14th major title against Juan Martin del Potro. The women’s semifinals were held on September 6 with Naomi Osaka playing Madison Keys and Serena Williams playing Anastasija Sevastova. Naomi Osaka … Continue reading Major Upset at US Open 2018

Bellbrook Football 2018: A “Banner Year” in the making

By: Sara Wolf The 2017 football season ended in freezing cold, bittersweet 10-to-nothing victory against rival team Oakwood. Sweet in the fact that the Eagles had left the Lumberjacks incapable of scoring a single point against them for the second year in a row, but bitter in the fact that they had fallen, once again, just short of making the playoffs. “Not making the playoffs … Continue reading Bellbrook Football 2018: A “Banner Year” in the making

BHS Graduates: Looking Ahead

By: Carter Caldwell Congratulations Class of 2018! pic.twitter.com/AjHqdRIJYo — Bellbrook High (@bellbrook_high) May 26, 2018 In 2018, Bellbrook High School saw 219 students graduate and take another step towards their futures.  Of those 219, 95% will pursue a college degree on 44 different campuses across the country.  Ohio schools proved especially popular, with over a quarter of students attending in-state schools such as Wright State … Continue reading BHS Graduates: Looking Ahead

DNA Technology Brings New Debates

By: Kayla Stephensen Recent developments in DNA technology bring new ethical debates to the table. The arresting of the suspected Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, made many users of popular genetics sites worried. The police made a false profile on GEDmatch with DNA from one of the crime scenes and found a match on the site. The co-founders insisted that the company was not … Continue reading DNA Technology Brings New Debates