A New Film about Jacqueline Kennedy

by Henry Wong

The new film, Jackie, directed by Chilean director, Pablo Larraín, and starring Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy, opens in theaters December 2, 2016. The movie is the first English-speaking movie directed by Pablo Larraín. Theodore H. White, a journalist with Life magazine, interviewed the First Lady in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, a week after President Kennedy’s death in 1963 and the movie focuses on this period of her life. This interview was apparently four hours long and allowed Jacqueline Kennedy to create the Camelot myth of the Kennedys that has lasted to this day. The movie stays away from the many scandals that plagued the Kennedy family. The movie does use some original footage of historical events and blends them into the movie. It has been rated R because of intense blood-filled gun violence.

Natalie Portman researched the role of Jackie Kennedy and in doing so was able to gain deeper insight into who Kennedy was. Portman only knew her as a fashion icon at first but got to know her public and private personas, even learning about the different public and private tones of her voice. Portman worked with a voice coach to help her mimic the First Lady’s soft, feminine public voice versus her deeper, witty private voice. Portman follows a long list of actresses like Jaclyn Smith and Roma Downey that have portrayed Jackie Kennedy in the past.

The movie has generally gotten good ratings. Rotten Tomatoes has rated it “Certified Fresh” at 88% based on 56 reviews that gave it an average 8/10 rating and says that “Jackie offers an alluring peek into a beloved American public figure’s private world — and an enthralling starring performance from Natalie Portman in the bargain.” According to Metacritic, the film gets a score of 82 out of 100, after being rated by 25 critics. Jackie Kennedy, being so well-known, was a challenging and complex person to portray and Portman’s rendition of her is getting Oscar buzz. A trip to the movies may just be worth it.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

by Bergen Eppers

For those cold wintry days when you need something special, here’s a quick how-to for one of my go-to drinks:

  1. Grab a coffee mug and fill it with milk for how much hot chocolate you want.
  2.  Now for something fancy. Break off a piece of candy cane and put in the cup. Heat it up in the microwave for one minute. If you have more cups, one minute per cup.
  3. Once heated, take it out and stir until most of the candy cane is melted. Next, add two tablespoons of your favorite hot chocolate mix. I would suggest Tim Hortons. Then add more if needed until you are happy with your amount of chocolate. I would suggest to make it easier to stir and get a creamier texture, put the mug back in for 30-45 seconds.
  4. For toppings, it depends on how sweet you want it. Some toppings you can add are whip cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, crushed candy cane, or a candy cane stick  (peppermint stick dipped in chocolate).
  5. Now cuddle by the fire in your onesie and enjoy your gourmet hot chocolate.

Nintendo: Generations of Play

by Henry Wong

Several new and also classic products are being produced by Nintendo – just in time for the busy holiday shopping season.  One of Nintendo’s newest items is a console that is a hand-held hybrid and is scheduled to debut on January 13, 2017.  Nintendo is being quiet about the details and building suspense by keeping the specifics of the console secret. Apparently, a “Tokyo webcast” is scheduled for January 12 to give the media and investors more details about it, which includes the price and the exact release date.

Due out in December, Nintendo is also releasing its first traditional game for smartphones which will first be available on the App Store. It is called Super Mario Run. Contrary to the name of the game, there is no running involved.  Instead, players will navigate a two-dimensional Mario stage.

Older video-game enthusiasts will be happy to see the come-back of the Nintendo NES Classic which Nintendo brought back for nostalgia. Marketing nostalgia has worked because after being released on November 11, it sold out within minutes from many on-line stores. The current model is smaller than the original 1985 version but is the hottest Nintendo product on the market these days. Nintendo has promised to have more produced for the holiday season. Originally priced at $60, it is now selling to upwards of $390 due to the low supply.  With a new smartphone game, a console hand-held hybrid, and a classic gaming system – Nintendo has been and will continue to be successful in bringing gamers of all generations together.

Meet BHS Foreign Exchange Student from Germany

by Jack Long

Julius Reckmann, a sophomore, is visiting from Mainz, Germany to study at BHS for the 2016-2017 academic year. Julius heard about the exchange program from a family friend. With this year of study he hopes to further open his mind to different cultures and ideas, and to grow “more experience in life.”

Julius ran for the Cross Country team this fall and plans to play tennis in the spring. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing tennis, being sarcastic, hiking, and hanging out with friends. While in Ohio, Julius has visited Bill’s Donuts, Dairy Shed, Blueberry Cafe, and watched a Dayton Flyers game. And during winter break Julius and his host family are planning to visit Florida.

The interview would have not been complete if the topic of American stereotypes wasn’t brought up. Julius said that the typical stereotypes were that the obesity level was a lot higher and everyone owned a gun. He did say, however, that there are stereotypes that he has found to be true: a strong sense of community, school spirit, and friendly people.

Julius is staying with a host family and with Matteo Moroni, an Italian Foreign Exchange student.

Ohio State Attacks hit Home

by Lauren Redfern

Monday, November 28 was an ordinary day after Thanksgiving Break at The Ohio State University until around 10 am that morning when OSU’s Emergency Management Twitter page sent out a message stating, “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.”

Ohio State uses the Run Hide Fight method for these type of drastic events.

  • Run: get as far away from the situation as possible.
  • Hide: if running is not possible, stay put and barricade any doors that would keep you safe if at all possible.
  • Finally, fight if attacked.

The situation started with the suspect calling 911 for a gas leak in Watts Hall, an engineering building which made countless students evacuate. After 30 min of waiting, one student stated that the suspect drove his car over the curb into the crowd of people. According to CNN, the suspect then got out of the vehicle and began stabbing the people around him. The Guardian reports that U.S officials state the attack was self radicalized. The suspect, named Abdul Razak Ali Artan, injured 11 people in the attacks. He then was shot dead by law enforcement at the scene.

November 29, the Islamic State terrorist group stated that Artan was acting as “a soldier” on the behalf of the group. This attack is part of a series of domestic attacks. Artan was born in Somalia and was a lawful U.S. permanent resident and a student at Ohio State.

The university cancelled all remaining classes the day of the attack but resumed the following day. Four people remain hospitalized after the attack. None of the victims had life-threatening injures. Seven people have been released from the hospital already. The attacks hit home here in the town of Bellbrook, with many alumni of the high school current students of the university. OSU has held many prayer vigils and has offered help to students affected.

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Soars to the Top Of the Box Office

Image result for fantastic beasts and where to find them photos

photo courtesy of Comingsoon.net

By Rachel Giffin

Director David Yates and writer J. K. Rowling wow us all again with the magical screenplay of the 2016 film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As a prequel to the already popular Harry Potter film series, Fantastic Beasts was projected to do quite well in the box office polls. However, after its first showing in 4,144 theaters across Europe and North America, no one suspected anything like this.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange now ranks #2 in the box office polls, and other anticipated films,  such as The Edge of Seventeen and Bleed For This, now rank 7th and 8th next to this fantastic film.

And why not? Fantastic Beasts is an ageless story, capturing the wonder and enchantment audiences have come to expect from the Harry Potter world, while incorporating American ingenuity and humor. This film is surprisingly down to earth, while still touching the child in all of us. It has audiences rooting for the hero to beat the bad guy, which is a refreshing taste after so many other wonderful films featuring anti-heroes and jaded protagonists. And not only are the characters lovable, they’re very human, and it’s they who convince the audience that all of this might have happened in 1926, and we just didn’t know about it.

Buy or D.I.Y. Your Next Bath Bomb

By Sarah Rovinsky

Whether seeking sweet release from a week of exams that caused mental and emotional havoc–I’m speaking from experience–or simply enjoying yourself, any occasion is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a bath bomb. Though Lush cosmetics is, essentially, the holy grail of bath bombs, is it worth it? Lush is known for their high quality, fresh, handmade cosmetics. Their stance against animal testing also allows customers to purchase with a clear conscience. My only deterrent from buying their aesthetic-y products is my sad, empty wallet. Therefore, I have bravely attempted a D.I.Y. to prove or disprove if Lush’s disintegrating balls of magic can be replicated.

Products I used:

  • 8 ounces of baking soda
  • 4 ounces of  cream of tartar
  • 4 ounces of non-GMO corn starch
  • 4 ounces of  epsom salts
  • ¾ a teaspoon of water
  • 2 teaspoons (or 20-30 drops) of essential oil (or your favorite essential oil scent)
  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • Natural food coloring (optional)
  • Loose cosmetic glitter (optional)
  • Bath bomb shaper or mini muffin pan (This will only change the shape and can be substituted for other desired shapes.)

First, I mixed all the dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, I mixed all the wet ingredients. Afterwards, I combined both wet and dry ingredients. If it is well mixed, it should hold together when you squeeze it in your fists. If it falls apart, add a few more drops of water until it reaches the right consistency. Then, pack it into whatever container you’ve chosen to shape your bath bomb. Let it dry out completely in about 24 hours.

Later I compared my homemade bath bomb to Lush’s and found that both gave off the same amount of fizz. My D.I.Y. bomb required a lot of ingredients and prep time. However, I had plenty of fun putting everything together. As for pricing, buying everything I needed easily got to be expensive, but due to the bulk amount I purchased, I can make more for less than a store-bought version. Ultimately, personal preference will determine whether or not you are willing to exchange convenience over price.