Local Businesses Adapt during Stay-at-home Orders

by: Megan Hyer During these very abnormal times businesses are struggling to stay alive. Many businesses are having to close while others do whatever they can to stay a float. Some of the ways businesses are coping are through drive thru, curbside pickup, and even delivery. Living in a smaller town, we have a handful of small businesses to support. Some of these include The … Continue reading Local Businesses Adapt during Stay-at-home Orders

Remote Learning: What are the Impacts?

by Khacor Tigner and Megan Hyer With the mandatory stay at home order, schooling got a little complicated and a lot different. It is definitely a big change to go from 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday to some classes Monday and Thursday and other Tuesday and Friday and no set hours. Remote learning has been implemented by not only high schools in the community, … Continue reading Remote Learning: What are the Impacts?

Celebrations in Quarantine

by Sydney Hollingsworth COVID-19 has put most of our daily lives on hold indefinitely, but there is one thing that the coronavirus cannot postpone: birthdays. They happen every day. You can’t stop them. But can you be forced to mope when it’s your big day and you can’t have a party? The answer, proven by the actions taken by the world today, is no. People … Continue reading Celebrations in Quarantine

Flattening The Curve: What Can You Do?

By: Khacor Tigner It is no secret that the world is in full pandemic mode with many countries closing down non-essential activities. However, until recently Americans and people in our community thought that COVID-19 was nothing more than a mild flu. Thus with COVID-19 reaching its peak months as reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), what can you do to help flatten the … Continue reading Flattening The Curve: What Can You Do?

Bellbrook Under Lockdown: A Photo Essay

by Sydney Hollingsworth Ohio’s restrictions on activity outside of the home have been in effect for almost a month now. The general public has been corralled inside in an attempt to “flatten the curve,” a commonly used phrase now, meaning to lower the number of cases of covid-19 by staying away from others and stopping its spread. What effects has this containment had on the … Continue reading Bellbrook Under Lockdown: A Photo Essay

5 Questions about Quarantine Answered by Your Peers

By: Abby Clack I asked two sophomores, two juniors and one senior about their options for this quarantine. Here are their responses:  1. How do you feel mentally and physically about being stuck at home? Sophmore 1 (So1) – I actually kind of miss school and going out so it has definitely been hard to be stuck at home Sophomore 2 (So2) – I feel … Continue reading 5 Questions about Quarantine Answered by Your Peers

Becoming TikTok Famous

by: Sarah Bevelhymer Are you dying of boredom in quarantine? Don’t worry: I am too. Tik Tok is a social media platform known for blowing people’s social media presence up overnight. You can make short videos about pretty much whatever you want. I chose 11 different Tik Toks to create and see which ones would gain me the most clout.  And so I began. Tik … Continue reading Becoming TikTok Famous

Finding the light in a Covid-19 Pandemic

by Cambree Bernkopf  Author Joshua J. Marine once said, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” As of right now, almost every single person in the world is struggling because of this outbreak, whether it be because of the actual virus itself or the result of the precautions each state must take. We are all sacrificing our normal everyday … Continue reading Finding the light in a Covid-19 Pandemic

Athletes Face Hurdles during Pandemic

by Cambree Bernkopf Almost every single little thing in our lives has changed because of this covid-19 pandemic. School has been cancelled, some jobs require work at home, most stores are closed along with restaurants, sports arenas, concerts, parks, bowling alleys, movie theatres… Every spring sport, club and high school, have been either delayed or cancelled. This includes soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball, baseball, track and … Continue reading Athletes Face Hurdles during Pandemic