Hurricanes Take Southern U.S. by Storm

By: Meghan Malas What many consider to be some of mother nature’s most implacable phenomenons, hurricanes, have torn into Florida, The Caribbean, Mexico and the southern United States without a shred of mercy. According to The Atlantic, the image attached shows “three hurricanes spin across the tropical Atlantic. Left to right, they are: Hurricane Katia, Hurricane Irma, which was passing between Cuba and the Bahamas; … Continue reading Hurricanes Take Southern U.S. by Storm

On the Heels of Harvey, Hurricane Irma

Photo courtesy: NASA by Jack Long 5 September 2017 Hurricane Harvey is expected to be the most expensive natural disaster in American History, estimated at $108 billion in disaster relief, by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). However, some estimates reach $190 billion, with economic impact factored in. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texan coast at Category 3 with winds at 130 mph late August. … Continue reading On the Heels of Harvey, Hurricane Irma

WWE Wrestle Mania… in Politics?

by Joey Derrico The special election in Montana to replace the congressional seat of newly appointed Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke turned out to be much closer than expected. Montana was a state President Trump won by 20 percentage points and, furthermore, no Democrat had held the at-large congressional seat in two decades. The Republican candidate was Greg Gianforte, a billionaire who made his earnings … Continue reading WWE Wrestle Mania… in Politics?

The American Healthcare Bill Struggles in the Senate

By: Meghan Malas The clash over philosophy, ideology, and the identity of America has been ever present in the debate over health care policy. Since the new healthcare bill passed the House of Representatives May 4, questions of morality and consequence have set forth among the public. Politifact reports the new bill proposes rolling back the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, major … Continue reading The American Healthcare Bill Struggles in the Senate

Solar Flares and Our Accidental Barrier

by Jack Long It seems like something out of a science-fiction book—an invisible shield surrounding Earth—but in 2014 NASA’s Van Allen Probes discovered an impenetrable barrier in space. This barrier, caused by the interaction between very low frequency (VLF) waves and charged particles surrounding the Earth, can block solar flares from entering our Earth’s atmosphere. In an age of modern technology running well, everything, solar … Continue reading Solar Flares and Our Accidental Barrier

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Announces Bid for Governor

by Joey Derrico Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley announced on Monday, May 8, that she will run for the Democratic party nomination for governor in 2018. Whaley, a forty-one-year-old Democrat from Indiana, has been connected to Ohio politics since she was an undergraduate. While at the University of Dayton for undergraduate studies, Whaley headed the UD College Democrats and eventually climbed the ladder to become state … Continue reading Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Announces Bid for Governor

France Under New Rule

by Jaimie Franz France has recently elected a new president, Emmanuel Macron. Macron won the election by a landslide of 66% of the votes, compared to his running mate, Marine Le Pen, with only 34%. The young 39 year old president, the youngest leader in France since Napoleon, has promised to unify the country of France and revise the economy, two promises throughout his campaign, stating, … Continue reading France Under New Rule

What to Know About the French Election

By: Meghan Malas The country of France experienced one of two rounds of voting involved in its electoral process on April 23. The race prior to then was between five individuals representing separate parties, “the far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen, scandal-hit conservative François Fillon, centrist newcomer Emmanuel Macron and far-left wildcard Jean-Luc Mélenchon” (CNN) were all competitive in the Round One, while Benoit Hamon … Continue reading What to Know About the French Election

Special Elections Garner Significant Attention

by Joey Derrico New-found jobs in the Trump administration have led to vacant seats in the House of Representatives and other legislative bodies, and Republicans and Democrats alike want to capitalize on the opportunity, creating special elections in Kansas and Georgia.  One special election in Kansas replaces the newly appointed CIA Director and former Congressman Mike Pompeo. Pompeo was a Republican who served the fourth … Continue reading Special Elections Garner Significant Attention

Local Child Struck in Crosswalk

by Jaimie Franz On Friday, April 4, a hit-and-run occurred at The Greene shopping center in Beavercreek. The car hit a 9-year-old girl and her father as the pedestrians crossed a sidewalk by Potbelly Sandwich Shop. The car quickly dashed away after the accident as authorities pulled up. Witnesses went in panic from the disbelief that something like that would happen. The young girl was barely … Continue reading Local Child Struck in Crosswalk