Is Band a Sport?

by Casey Murphy

Marching Band requires many hours of practice, preparation outside of school and should receive the same amount of respect as any other sport. Band is physically demanding and requires skill in playing the instrument. Emily Horne, a sophomore in the Bellbrook Marching Band, said, “You need the same amount of dedication and focus of any other sport, although there is not a game involved.” Horne commented on the amount of time a day she practices and said it came out to 3 hours. The average amount of time a typical athlete spends on his or her sport per day is 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Horne also said, “Outside of practice, I prepare for band by eating healthy and making sure I have good grades.” Preparation for other athletic games or meets also involves healthy foods.  Although Nick Kress, a sophomore who plays the saxophone in the marching band, said, “There isn’t much preparation outside of practice.” Skylar Bolton, a sophomore who plays percussion, agreed.

When performing at football games, the band deserves respect from the audience.  Clay Barr, an junior in the Bellbrook Marching Band, said, “This recent year at football games the student section has showed more support and respect than the years before.”



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