Music Review: Alternative Bands Release New Albums

by Megan Haymond

Attention indie music lovers of Bellbrook High School: do you feel as if your fall playlist is incomplete? Are you looking for ways to spice up your pumpkin spice latte sipping playlist? Look no further! MGMT, The Naked and Famous, and Grouplove all recently released albums for their listeners to enjoy while watching the leaves change outside their windows.

MGMT released their new album “The Optimizer” September 17, fading further away from their ear-catching album, “Oracular Spectacular” that launched them into stardom with singles such as “Kids” and “Fated to Pretend.” The album uses more of their musical creativity than lyrical genius to make an album filled with psychedelic sounds and soft lyrics in the background. The album is clearly a love or hate album, and has left many fans wishing for the old MGMT. Popular singles from the album are “Your Life is A Lie” and “Alien Days.” While the quality of the album is arguable, it is safe to say it’s weird but worth a listen.

The Naked and Famous released their new album “In Rolling Waves” on September 17. The Naked and Famous gained their popularity after their 2011 single, “Young Blood.” The album showcases this New Zealand band’s talent, but takes a softer approach than in the past. The tone of the album is relaxed and focuses on instrumentals and complementary vocals. My personal favorite song from the album is “Golden Girl.” Alternative Press explained the new albums sounds as “an epic swirl of synth-pop revivalism and arena-rock hooks that keeps crashing through your speakers until you‘re submerged.” The biggest problem with the album would be similarity in sounds of the songs. Also, as the track list continues it seems as if the band got a little tired and paid more attention to beginning tracks. Mistakes and all, the album is perfect for laying in a field and listening to with a friend or drifting away into a dream-filled sleep.

Unlike many bands, Grouplove knows what they do well and sticks by it. Their new album “Spreading Rumours” was released on September 17. The band gained popularity over the past year with their song “Tongue Tied,” remaining on Billboard’s Alternative chart for 43 weeks. Spreading Rumours shows their growing maturity through this new album without veering too far off their sound. Grouplove challenges popular indie ideas with their song “Hippy Hill” that claims, “I’d rather be a hippy than a hipster.” The album carries listeners to a modern 1969 Woodstock Festival with the 1970s sounds used in the album.

Clearly, the world of indie music is changing as our treasured no-name bands gain popularity. Although, it is interesting to see which bands blossom in new-found popularity or crumble with their desire to please the public. It’s safe to say your ears are in for a treat this fall!


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