Music Review: Drake’s Newest Album is Music For the Whole Family

by Mitch Powers

September 24 marked the release of Drake’s third album, Everything Sounds the Same…Oh whoops, I mean Nothing was the Same. According to, “The record fully embraces who he is: a blend of rap, R&B and pop that is at the top of his game.” I can only assume the top of his game means that he is the best basketball player in his town’s YMCA recreational basketball team. I have been a fan of Drake in the past. His last album Take Care was actually very creative and well-produced.

The album starts off with Tuscan Leather, a song that, right off the bat, states that he is better than his mentor, Lil Wayne. Later in the album he says that fame hasn’t made him cocky, or given him a complex. Once again, whoops. His bad. If you plan on listening to this with your sweet old grandma <<warning>> the opening song alone uses the N-word 17 times. I only say this because I don’t want Granny to have a heart attack.

Track three, “Started from the Bottom” was another track off the CD with an N-word count of 17. In the song, he continually states that he started from the bottom, and now he is here. Where is here? What does the bottom smell like? The song mirrored many of the other songs on the record in their repetitive, uncreative, drunken rage.

In his songs Drake claims that, “I’m the kid with the motor mouth/I’m the one you should be worrying about.” My response: go home, you were and always will be wheelchair Jimmy from Degrassi.


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