The Countdown to American Horror Story: Coven

By Emily Caruso

Attention all American Horror Story (AHS) fans: Season 3 is well on its way premiering October 9, so start your watches and let the count down begin. As with any new season of FX’s original series of AHS, there comes a new plot line. This season’s is witchcraft. Also there are some returning characters from both seasons one and two, such as Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Tiassa Farmiga, along with some fresh new faces, like Emma Roberts and Grey Damon.

Director Ryan Murphy has something new planned for viewers. This season, a special “school” has been made in New Orleans to help protect an A list group of ladies who have the Salem witchcraft bloodline in them, embracing a strong sense of feminism in the series. But the school has a secret agenda as it rivals with another group of witches in New Orleans.

So get pumped because American Horror Story: Coven is happening in less than seven days. Watch as many promotional videos as possible, read up on all the cast on FX’s AHS website, and be sure to have a blanket near by for the season premiere. Hopefully this season will compare well to the last two seasons and gain positive feedback from critics and win more awards!


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