The Government is Shut Down

by Kate Barton

Due to the disagreement between the House and Senate, no bill has been passed to fund the government by the end of the fiscal year, Tuesday October 1. Government workers that are not “essential” are being sent home without pay until the spending plan is passed.

This issue has resulted from Republicans in Congress adding anti-Obamacare amendments to the spending plan for the new fiscal year. CNN reporters Holly Yon and Tom Cohen state that “Obamacare isn’t…tied to funding the government. But it’s so unpopular among the Tea Party conservatives that they want it undercut, if not outright appealed.”

Congress and the president will continue to be paid, along with the other “essential” government employees. According The Los Angeles Times, David Lauter says that “at least 800,000 federal civilian workers will be furloughed.”  Members of the military will also continue to be paid thanks to a bill passed by Congress and Obama.  The Washington Post ‘s Brad Plumer wrote that about “1.3 million ‘essential’ workers, 1.4 million active-duty military members, 500,000 Postal Service workers…will continue working.”

The shutdown could last anywhere from a few days to weeks or so. The only way for the spending plan to pass is if Republicans take out the anti-Obamacare amendments or Congress passes the plan and Obama signs it. Considering Obamacare was created by Obama, it is very unlikely he will sign anything that interferes with it. Although, Republicans are being very assertive about the anti-Obamacare amendments, so only time will tell.


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