Opinion: How Men Diet

by Mitch Powers

My girlfriend recently started dieting, which means she gave up soda (my favorite drink) and Buffalo Wild Wings (my favorite restaurant). Her diet also inspired me to step on a scale, which is a terrible idea and I don’t recommend anyone doing that. A bit of background about me: I have never had to worry about my weight, and I have always been very active. But for the first time, I realized, I have actually gained a lot of weight since the start of my senior year. Help, I’m a fat teenage male in need of a diet.

When I got my driver’s license, the first place I went was to McDonald’s. This trend has followed me until the present. I could make it with my eyes closed to any fast food restaurant in a 30 mile radius. This “rock star” lifestyle worked fine at the time, as I played multiple sports, including hockey and track, exercising year round. But, for my senior year of high school, I traded hockey for more artistic endeavors like theater and choir. My fast food diet stuck with me as my cholesterol undoubtedly stuck to my arteries.

I was on the diabetes fast-track, but in denial about my ever-increasing waste line. My normal cut jeans turned into skinny jeans, and my skinny jeans found their way into the back of my closet. I realized it was time to change. So I went to McDonalds for a farewell McChicken. Then I went home and sat idle for the rest of the day. Could I really give up my fast food compulsion?

At this point, I should probably tell the readers that I have lost 30 pounds, gave my fat clothes away, and have never felt better, but I have still yet to change anything about my lifestyle and diet. All I have done is come up with a list of excuses as to why I have yet to do anything. My favorite: I’m preparing for college, getting a head start on my freshman 15.

Looking down at the weighing scale


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