Opinion: Thank the Lorde

by Mitch Powers

When I say the name Miley Cyrus, chills run down my back. If you are really trying to torture me say Nicki Minaj. These are just two examples of female musicians feeling the need to be weird to be famous. But thank goodness that this trend might finally be coming to an end. Lorde and HAIM are female artists, and part of a growing group that have decided to bypass the freak show of current musicians and instead decided to put out great music.

The freak factor in the music industry isn’t anything new. Elton John went wild, even dressing as a duck for a concert. Madonna pushed the limits with her crazy outfits and cone bras. Eileen Robertson, a senior at Bellbrook, commented on the subject saying, “If the music is good enough, you shouldn’t have to act weird to get publicity.” Although the extravagant outfits and pyrotechnics is one way to get noticed, it distracts people from the actual music. Celebrities are popping up left and right because they are pushing the limits on how weird they can be.

Finally exceptions. New Zealand singer Lorde (born Ella Maria Lani Yelich O’Connor) may only be 16 but has already reached the Billboard Hot 100 with her songs. Did I mention she is also perfectly normal? No wookie hairstyles or twerking. Another female group who hasn’t resorted to freakish antics is HAIM. HAIM is a Los Angeles band with sounds described as “nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B” They received BBC’s Sound of 2013 award with their hit song “The Wire.” All we are really asking for is some normal female artists to listen to. Thank the Lorde someone has finally listened.



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