Bellbrook Marching Eagles National Champions

by Cayla Destefani 

For the first time in nine years the Bellbrook High School Marching Band won 1st in their class at the Bands of America (BOA) Grand National Competition. Band spirit is at its highest. #purpleplumeband is all over social networks, and the community of Bellbrook couldn’t be more proud. Even the local gas station’s sign says, “Congratulations Bellbrook Band!” and reminds its customers to “Put on a Happy Face,” which was the title of the 2013 band show. 

BOA Grand Nats (as called by band members) is a huge competition featuring 90 bands in Preliminary performance, 30 continuing on to Semi-finals, and the top 12 move on to Finals championships. Bellbrook moved up to Semi-finals performance, which automatically means they beat 60 other bands to get there. They then won 1st place in Class A at Semi-finals and performed as an exhibition show in the Finals Championship, making them National Champions. 

The last time the Bellbrook Marching Band went on to win their class was in 2004 with the show Information Overload. The band is nationally recognized and it is a great honor to have such talent in our community.
Band seniors and leadership are so excited for the feat. Drum Majors Wyatt Heinz, Melissa O’Hara, and Skylar Bolton must be feeling super proud of their band. Senior Hannah Myers posted on Facebook, “It’s still setting in that we are national champions…they say go big or go home…undefeated first in the nation Class A….pretty sure we went for it all! Perfect way to spend my birthday and amazing way to end my senior season of band! #purpleplumeband #seniors14.” Other seniors are posting their excitement as well, and the joy of winning is evident throughout the entire band and community.


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