Bellbrook to Begin New Improvisation Classes

by Cayla Destefani 

Last year, the Bellbrook High School theatre department started a new set of One Act Plays. Due to lack of interest this year, a new program of improvisation classes will begin in February.
The purpose of the One Act Plays last year and the classes to begin this coming year is to help the students interested in acting learn more about the concepts of performing and give them experience in actually taking on a lead part. Many students have not been accepted into the school winter and fall plays due to their lack of experience. This is a good way to give those students a chance to learn and grow in their acting experience and let them feel what it is like to memorize lines, do character work, and perform a scene starring just them and another person. 

Classes will begin sometime at the beginning of the 2014 year, around February according to Ms. Long. If interested, students should talk to Ms. Long or Ms. Brown and keep listening to announcements and looking on the door of room 101. 

In the classes, students will practice improvisation techniques by playing games that involve fast thinking and coming up with characters on the spot. Students will also be given a short scene and they will practice developing their character, embodying their character, and then performing their scene and interacting with other characters in the scene. All of these techniques are important to have when performing in an actual play or musical. It is important for all actors to be present of the space around them and recognize where their partner on the stage is, to whom they are talking, and how to effectively stay in the scene while still presenting the scene to the audience. Also, it is good to know how to improvise on stage, especially if you or your fellow actor forgets their line. In that case all actors must know how to stay in character, improvise a solution to the scene, and still keep the plot of the story in mind.


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