by Linden Peterson

Viral YouTube video “What Does the Fox Say” will be available in book version on December 10. Created by two Norwegian comedians known as Ylvis, the book is expected make its way onto many bookshelves of children around the world this winter.

“What Does the Fox Say” was on the top 10 of Billboard 100 for three weeks and has been viewed on YouTube almost 250 million times. The video features the two singers of Ylvis prancing in the forest contemplating the sounds a fox could say.

The book version is expected to follow the song lyrics very closely and will help children learn the animal sounds. Illustrated by Svein Nyhus, it will be the first children’s book with “YouTube Sensation” on the cover.

In a press release, Jon Anderson, Simon & Schuster’s publishing president, stated: “I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched Ylvis’s hilarious, mesmerizing, unforgettable ‘The Fox.’ The lyrics and playfulness of the song lend themselves perfectly to the picture book format, and I’m ecstatic that Simon & Schuster is publishing Bård and Vegard’s first book. Parents and kids are going to have an absolute blast reading What Does the Fox Say? out loud.”


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