Mid-term Exams

by Megan Haymond

Gear up Bellbrook students! Exams are almost underway! Eat some almonds and oatmeal, put on your sweats, take out your highlighters, and study. For freshman, this will be the first time they take a mid-term exam. Do not fear! With a week of studying and review added to a semester of hard work, success is attainable. 

It’s easy to ignore the typical test taking tips, but don’t think about it this time. Get your sleep. Two days after a late night is when it catches up with you. So save those weekend plans for break and get down to business.

Exams begin on Tuesday, December 17 with seventh period exam. The schedule is as follows: Wednesday- first and fourth, Thursday- second and fifth, Friday- third and sixth. Mid-term exams count for twenty percent of your grade, so do not take them lightly. Take advantage of early dismissal days and the weekend. Unfortunately many teachers are using this week to pile on more work instead of review, but rather than complain, rise to the challenge. High school is hard work and good grades do not come to those that don’t put in the effort.
However, do not stress. Study and schedule breaks for yourself to relax with power naps or a small snack.  Get to bed early and do not skip meals. Thankfully next week is holiday cheer week so take joy in decorating your mentor period door and the prepare for the upcoming holiday break. Good luck and study hard!


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