New Orleans Mayor Found Guilty of Corruption

by Alexia Vlahos

On Wednesday February 12, New Orleans’s former mayor C. Ray Nagin was found guilty and convicted of corruption. He was indicted for corruption in January 2013, since he accepted bribes from business owners looking for city work. Nagin received more than $500,000 in payments, vacations and free granite for his countertop business. The money he received was used to illegally steer city contracts to business owners and provide his support for various projects.

The trial was held over a period of seven days and more than 30 witnesses were present and testified. Nagin was found guilty of 20 out of 21 charges and each charge carries a 3 to 20 year jail sentence. The sentencing was set for June 11, which happens to be Nagin’s 58th birthday. This would be the first time ever that a mayor has been charged for corruption in New Orleans.


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