NBC Serves a Killer Second Course

by Abbey Knupp

For the past few weeks, NBC has been releasing tastes of the fine television that will be served to viewers in full on February 28, 2014 with the second course of the network’s hit show Hannibal, which will air on NBC at 10/9c. The trailers offer a glimpse at the elevated drama, gory crime scenes, heated fights, and intense psychological warfare that will rival, and perhaps surpass, the show’s first season. All of it is served, of course, around a table full of questionable meat and a barrage of subtle cannibalistic puns.

The show provides a new, tasteful and macabre look at one of the world’s most notorious horror villains, Hannibal Lecter. Dr. Lecter, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is an unsettling enigma of dark humor, disturbing silences, dapper attire, and manipulative ease. His counterpart William Graham (played by Hugh Dancy), a detective aid with a slowly deteriorating psyche and the uncanny ability to mentally recreate crime scenes, provides an extra boost to the already disconcerting atmosphere with his shaky grip on reality, cryptic and poetic statements, and complete trust of Dr. Lecter. The show features many other notable talents, such as Laurence Fishburne, Gillian Anderson, Caroline Dhavernas, and Hettienne Park.

The show has gained a relatively devout and sophisticated online fan base and has been received with good reviews by most critics. Bryan Fuller, the show’s creator, has made other shows that have been deemed cult classics, such as Pushing Daisies  and Dead Like Me, and Hannibal is sure to be among them.

The first three seasons of the show will be comprised of new material, written by Bryan Fuller, while the following seasons will revisit some of the older Hannibal works. Season four will follow the premise of Red Dragon, season five will cover The Silence of the Lambs, season six will cover Hannibal, and the seventh and final season will once again be new material that will resolve loose ends and give the show an ending.

With Will Graham behind bars for the crimes committed by Dr. Lecter, it is unclear where the writers will choose to take the show in the second season. Footage from the trailers show that Will is still tucked behind bars, a straight jacket firmly knotted around his body and a mask over his face while Dr. Lecter is free to serve up his meat whatever way he pleases, and it is clear that he enjoys to see his little lamb, Will Graham, broken and weak.

So, pull up a chair and make sure that you’re not late for dinner. Dr. Lecter has been known to serve the rude on plates rather than around the table. Bon Appetite!


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