Bellbrook Girls’ Basketball Sets New School Record

by Allison Petkoff

The Bellbrook Girls Basketball team lost their tournament game to the undefeated Clinton Massie on Saturday.  This game knocked them out of the running for state.  The girls, however, have many things to be proud of.  The team finished with a 20-5 record.  This record is impressive on its own, but this record also broke a Bellbrook High School record.  The women’s basketball team has won 20+ games every season for the past 4 years.  This sports team is the only group in Bellbrook’s history to accomplish that feat.  Additionally, the girls had a winning streak of 14 wins, which is certainly something to be proud of. The team only lost to 3 teams total.  The teams that defeated Bellbrook were Eaton, Clinton Massie, and Springboro.

Due to Bellbrook’s recent successful seasons, it is anticipated that they will do well next year.  Coach Tincher said of next season, “We still have a lot of girls with varsity experience coming back, but we do lose six seniors, which is a lot.”  The seniors who guided the team this season include Kara Eckley, Caroline Hypes, Dina Khalil, Madison Pittman, Emily Smith, and Chea Taylor.


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