Beblawi Resigns from Office

by Meghna Kumar

On February 24, Hazem Beblawi resigned from his position as prime minister of Egypt. Beblawi was in office for seven months, since the July of 2013, and his resignation was unforeseen. No statement has been made as to why he stepped down. Adly Monsour, interim president of Egypt, has appointed Ibrahim Mehlib, the leader of Egypt’s largest construction company, as the country’s next prime minister.

Many people suspect Beblawi stepped down in order to allow Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to run for president. Sissi coordinated the military overthrow of former president Mohammed Morsi. It is important to note that while he was in office, Beblawi was castigated for taking too long to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

Egypt is expecting elections soon, though the date is yet to be determined. Elections must take place before June 18, 2014, which is six months after the ratification of the constitution.


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