Bellbrook Club Helps Kids with Their Homework

by Emily Bunsold

Homework Help is a program run at Bellcreek Intermediate where every Monday and Thursday at 2:30, students from the high school make their way across the street to help kids practice good study habits who struggle with homework or are unorganized in their school work. 

When the high school students first arrive, they must sign in to get credit for their service hours. After, they all make their way down to the teachers’ lounge, where complementary hot chocolate is served, before they get ready to help the third through fifth graders with their homework. Then, as the clock strikes 3:25 and the first bell rings, the younger children gather in the cafeteria and are greeted by their tutor (or tutors), and are given something to eat so that their minds will be sharp and focused for beginning their homework. Finally, at 4:15, when Homework Help ends, if the high school student believes that the younger student has been well-behaved and focused for that day, the younger students are then rewarded with prize raffle tickets in the hopes that they will be picked to win a prize before they leave.

Bellbrook’s Homework Help program is an outstanding club. Helping kids with their homework takes a huge load off of them, their teachers, and probably most of their parents. The tutors that help out know that their younger students look up to them and that they think that the high schoolers are some of the smartest people out there, and for the majority of the high school students that help out, that is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.


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