Juan Pablo becomes the most hated “Bachelor”

by Bailey Dixon

When Juan Pablo Galavis, the latest bachelor, first aired on ABC, the nation was infatuated with not only his stature, but his kind and genuine nature. Little did they know, around the third episode, his true colors would shine through.
Juan Pablo was already losing viewers on his third episode because when asked about a gay or bisexual bachelor at a network party, his answer shocked the nation. He gave a long answer that included a statement saying “…They’re more pervert in a sense.” Galavis later tried to apologize giving the excuse that English is his second language, but most people weren’t fooled.

Throughout the season he sent mixed signals to many of the girls competing. He made one woman leave calling him a “narcissist” and a “jerk.” He also made another woman competing cry after he said an overly sexual comment to her when the cameras stopped rolling. She later addressed it saying “It was insulting…and it just made me feel awful.”

When the final episode aired, he chose Nikki, but refused to propose and he didn’t tell her he loved her, but she insists she knows how he feels about her. Most people say he has been the worst bachelor in ABC history and with the ratings from this season, they are probably right.


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