Album Review: Foster the People’s Supermodel

by Shelby Powers

Indie band Foster the People will release their sophomore album, Supermodel, officially on March 24. Compared to their debut album, Torches, known for its catchy but subtly dark single “Pumped Up Kicks,” Supermodel is less synth-driven and has a more diverse sound with stronger lyrics. During an interview with British magazine NME, front man Mark Foster has described “Supermodel” as an “angry,” guitar-based record about capitalist greed. According to, the album was recorded in studios from Morocco to Malibu, and Foster has cited the Clash, David Bowie, and even West African music as his influences.

The album starts off with a personal favorite, “Are You What You Want to be?” an African-inspired track with lots of “na-na-na-na’s” to sing along with and a driving guitar riff. Another highlight is the album’s single, “Coming of Age,” which reflects the band’s growth over the course of the past 3 years of touring since their debut, is easily the catchiest track on the album. The album’s second single, “Pseudologia Fantastica,” has a mid-tempo synthy beat reminiscent of Torches. Its third single “Best Friend” has an upbeat, funky disco-tinged sound, highlighting Foster’s falsetto as he croons out ironically dark lyrics about his friends being strung out on drugs. Towards the end of the album, FTP takes an acoustic turn, with the songs “Goats in Trees,” which features animal sounds as it fades out and “Fire Escape,” which comes back to the album’s theme of growing older and wiser.

Foster the People starts their North American tour April 8 at the Pomona Theater in Pomona, CA. They will spend this summer playing festivals, including the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Sasquatch Festival in Washington State, and the Squamish Music Festival in British Columbia, Coachella in California, Counterpoint Music Festival in Rome, GA, and many others around the world.

Supermodel is overall a solid album. Mark Foster’s background as a jingle writer provides for catchy, smart lyrics that when paired with the band’s musical talent and diverse inspiration, creates enjoyable and thought-provoking songs. With this album on the radio and on iTunes, Foster the People will, without a doubt, gain many fans.

Track List:

‘Are You What You Want To Be’
‘Ask Yourself’
‘Coming Of Age’
‘Pseudologia Fantastica’
‘The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones’
‘Best Friend’
‘A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon’
‘Goats In Trees’
‘The Truth’
‘Fire Escape’
‘Tabloid Super Junky’


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