Virginia Beats Duke and Receives ACC Title

by Allison Petkoff

The Virginia Cavaliers beat the Duke Blue Devils on Sunday.  The final score was 72-63.  This game moves the Cavaliers on in the NCAA tournament.  Before this game Duke was ranked number 7 and Virginia was ranked number 6.  Because of these ranks the game would appear to be a good competition, but the Cavaliers won by 9 points, which is considered an large-margin victory in basketball.  This win gave Virginia the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament championship (The ACC title).  The Cavaliers haven’t received the title since 1976, which is 38 years.

Malcolm Brogdon scored 23 points to lead the Cavaliers.  Jabari Parker also scored 23 points to lead the Blue Devils.  According to Yahoo Sports, Akil Mitchell of the Cavaliers said, “It’s all we wanted to do when we came here [speaking of winning the ACC].”  This shows that the Cavaliers have been chasing this title for almost 40 years and are excited to finally have it in their grasp because it was one of their main goals.  However, Virginia has much harder games in its future as it continues in the NCAA tournament.


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