The Stars After Disney

By Alexia Vlahos

Demi Lovato is everywhere in social media. Recently, leaked photos from a private device that contained inappropriate photos of Demi and Wilmer Valderrama, her current boyfriend, were discovered. In reaction to the pictures Twitter blew up with Demi’s fans, called “Lovatics,” defending Demi’s actions that went public. This isn’t the first time Demi’s name has been in headlines. Back in 2010 when the Disney Channel’s hit sitcom, “Sunny with a Chance” starring Demi as the main character Sunny, was huge the actress/singer withdrew herself from the filming due to “physical and emotional issues.” Demi later came out admitting that she attended rehab for bulimia, anorexia, depression, bipolar disorder, and self-harm. Demi is now 2 years in remission from her rehabilitation and is keeping her schedule busy with her “Neon Lights Tour” that just ended in the United States, and her European leg of the tour beginning in June.

Miley Cyrus is another example of a star that is the center of controversy. Miley starred as Disney’s lead on the hit TV series, “Hannah Montana.” She was a role model for pre-teen girls everywhere and the Hannah Montana series was one of Disney Channel’s best hits in 2008. Today Miley is seen in magazines topless, shamelessly twerking on every item in her sight, and experimenting with drugs. Miley’s image today is far from what she had told Barbara Walter’s her life would be like when she has grown up. “I feel pretty confident that I won’t end up like that,” Miley declared. “I can go out there and be more a light to them and make them want to live the way that I long to live.” (FOX News)

The Disney Studios have always cast young talent for their shows and movies, but a majority of the young stars seem to have a knack for getting into trouble. It all started when Disney cast Bobby Driscoll, who was considered Disney’s “first child star,” in “The Song of the South” released in 1946. Bobby received an Oscar in 1950 for an outstanding performance in feature films but in 1956 he became addicted to drugs and his contract with Disney was terminated. Bobby was later arrested for a felony of narcotic charge and he later confessed to the LA Times that he began experimenting with drugs at the age of 17. In 1968, Bobby was found dead at the age of 31 from a drug overdose.

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