Mailman Fails to Deliver 44,900 Postages

by Allison Petkoff

It was announced Tuesday that a Kentucky mailman, William Morse, hid 44,900 pieces of mail in order to make his job a little easier. The mailman hid the mail at a storage place and at his deceased mother’s home. According to USA Today, “He [William Morse] wanted to speed up his route,” reported Capt. Craig Patterson an officer. Morse wanted to speed up his route because he had to pick up his children.

Morse will face six months in jail for his crime of hiding, delaying, and destroying United States mail. Morse was given less time in jail than the standard 2 years, which is typical for this type of crime, because he did not cause major financial burdens on his 250 mail recipients. However, Morse will have to pay back the financial costs of the recipients that were burdened. These costs accumulate to about $15,000.

William Morse had been a mailman for 5 years and has had other altercations in the crime system. He was convicted of theft recently involving his deceased mother’s social security. This incident was considered relatively large mail deference today but all of the recipients have finally received their mail.


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