Magic Johnson on Buying the Clippers

by Harmony Takhar

About two weeks ago there was an upset over NBA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling’s rant on not wanting Magic Johnson at the Clippers game. Sterling’s racial comment has resulted in the ban of Sterling from the NBA and a push by NBA commissioners to sell the Clippers to a new owner. There have been many questions of whether or not Johnson would be interested in buying the Clippers, and Johnson says they are a great franchise, but it would be a little much to buy the LA Clippers. He says he would interested in partly owning the Clippers, but Johnson has no interest in buying the whole team.

The media has responded much to the topic, many people having a say and taking a stand against this type of racism. Celebrities too have responded, including Kevin Hart, Pharell Williams, and Jay-Z. Sterling had recently said one of his biggest problems with Johnson was that he had HIV. Sterling says Johnson should, in fact, be ashamed of it. “What has he done? Can you tell me? Big Magic Johnson, what has he done? He’s got AIDS,” Sterling told CNN. There has been many responses to this, but Johnson has not responded. One thing is sure, though: Donald Sterling will not be taking part in the NBA anymore, and he will be forced into retirement.


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