James Franco’s “Transformation Tuesday”

by Emily Caruso

James Franco is at it again; however, this time he’s not dazzling moviegoers with his talent, but rather startling the social media world with racy selfies. On May 1, the star posted a revealing selfie on Instagram featuring a sweaty Franco wearing only boxer briefs with one hand wrist-deep in his undergarment and the other ready to snap the picture. While the picture only lasted a few hours before it was taken down, the picture was tweeted, screenshoted, emailed, and Facebooked by a mere 2 million followers who were lucky enough to be online during the opportune moment.

However, the question remains: were those who witnessed this selfie really all that lucky? The scandalous picture wasn’t anywhere close to that of his shirtless picture featured in a Gucci ad–it was quite the opposite–emphasizing his love handles with the bathroom’s harsh florescent lighting.

Being a die-hard James Franco fan, I myself have been quick to blow off his past shanagins. After following him on nearly every social media site, it’s obvious the star is the king of selfies, stating that a selfie is “a very intimate photo.” Getting intimate with his followers, Franco posts shirtless selfies of himself in bed looking groggy and overworked all the time, along with an abundant array including one of his original paintings of Seth Rogen naked. These pictures were all in good fun until he used Instagram to hit on a seventeen-year-old girl he met in New York City. Trying to look the other way, I ignored this creepy scandal and pushed the thought out of my mind but the selfie he snapped has made me snap. Franco fan,@CiaraVEVO, tweeted, “I closed a tab with that James Franco picture about 3 hours ago and I can still smell it. It is not a good smell” in reaction to the picture.

Five years ago, James Franco was a name the public admired due to his dedication to his work; now James Franco is a name that the public laughs at because the 36 year old can’t decipher what’s appropriate on social media sites, a prime example of what Instagram users call “Transformation Tuesday.”



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