Bellbrook’s Choirs make Audience “Happy”

by Mitch Powers

Thursday, May 8 marked the last choir concert at Bellbrook High School for the 2013-2014 school year. The choirs that performed were the sixth grade choir, the seventh and eighth grade combined choir, and the high school concert and mentor choirs. The sixth graders performed first, singing three songs. The excitement on their faces were evident after receiving two standing ovations, a high school tradition they had not yet experienced. 

Up next was the 7th and 8th grade choir. The choir is actually broken up into two different class periods, giving more kids a chance to join, and had only practiced as a full group for two days. Even without many group rehearsals, they sounded wonderful, finishing their set with “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. Up after that was the high school Concert Choir. The Concert Choir is a group that meets for rehearsal every day for a class period. They sang an array of songs, one of which, “Corner of the Sky” from the musical Pippen, featured solos and duets by the seven seniors of the choir. After that, the Mentor Choir joined the Concert Choir for a set of happy-themed music. One of the songs, “Put on a Happy Face,” had a deeper meaning for many of the members of the choir who are also in marching band, because that was their theme for the band show this year. 

For the final song, the high school choirs were joined on stage by the middle school choir to perform “Happy” by Pharrell. Over 120 voices filled the stage singing the hit pop song as other members of the choir tossed beach balls into the audience. It was truly an exciting way to end the night and the choir season.

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