New Mexico Wildfire Causes Evacuation

by Allison Petkoff

On Monday, near Albuquerque, New Mexico, a wildfire became extremely dangerous when it came in close proximity with a college town. This fire has been called the Signal Peak fire. It burned 4,700 acres of the Gila National Forest and began on Sunday. The US Forest Service and local authorities have warned residents of some communities to evacuate.

The wildfire is the result of extremely dry conditions and high winds, but a direct cause is still under investigation.  Although, the direct cause of the wildfire is “thought to be human-caused,” said Governor Susana Martinez, according to Yahoo News. The fire evacuation has only affected a small town called Pinos Altos. Pinos Altos has less than 200 residents. However, there is smoke drawing towards a town of over 10,000 people, Silver City. Silver City contains a college and evacuation of this town would be drastic.

No injuries or fatalities of humans have been reported. Environmental impacts have not been completely evaluated at this time. Over 100 firefighters from Arizona and New Mexico are currently working on reducing the fire. Air tankers and water helicopters are being used to try to combat the fire. The winds are predicted to die down which should help slow down the fire’s progress. This is one of the first large fires of the season in New Mexico.


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