The New York Philharmonic: Jawdropping in D Major

by Mitch Powers

The New York Philharmonic is, as I was told, the best group of musicians I was ever going to see in my life. Granted, my knowledge on philharmonics is limited to about two, so I don’t really have room for comparison. So when I went to see the Phil this past weekend in Lincoln Center, NYC, I was experiencing perfection. The piece being performed was Symphony No. 3 in D Minor by Gustav Mahler. It had six movements that spanned just under two hours with no intermission. Yes, that’s right, I said No Intermission. I can’t sit still for that long, let alone play a complicated piece of music. That alone made the performance stand out. Movement four featured a solo vocalist, and the sixth movement featured the Women of New York Choral Artists and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. The sound quality of everything was fantastic, even to someone who lacks much knowledge of symphony.

I have, however, been in many concert halls in my life and the Lincoln Center definitely takes the cake. I had never seen a hall where every seat is great. I sat in the very top balcony and trekked up five flights of stairs to get to my seat. From my high perch I could see every musician clearly, which was wonderful because the piece featured tons of solos.

The whole experience was really perfect. There is something about going to a symphony that makes you feel classy. Even more so when that symphony is in the Lincoln Center in New York City. Add this one to your bucket list because, trust me, it’s worth it.

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