High school prank leads to 62 student arrests

By Allison Petkoff

An overnight vandalism senior prank left 63 students arrested on May 1 at Teaneck High School in New Jersey. Originally, police had charged 24 students that were over 18 years of age with burglary and criminal mischief. The other 39 students caught in the 2 am prank were charged as juveniles. Recently, the legal adults were downgraded in their charges. They will now be charged for criminal trespassing and mischief. These charges should be less of a problem on their records. The legal adults will not face a grand jury, either.

The prank worthy of a visit from the police had many variables involved. The students put graffiti on many parts of the building. The students put desks and furniture in the hallways. Some hallways could not be traveled due to the occlusion. Urine was found throughout the hallways. Food was thrown everywhere and stuffed into random lockers. Vaseline was put on the doorknobs of the building. Some of the students were using drugs including marijuana during the prank in the school. Most of the pranks were caught on tape because the students set off 3 alarms, which notified the police department. The police department had cameras set up in the school that played directly from the police department. The department saw that things were out of hand and headed over to Teaneck High School and began arrests. Surprisingly, everything was cleaned up the next morning in time for school to start.


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