Bellbrook High School Remembers 9/11

by Anna Starkey

On Friday morning at 8:46, the minute that the first plane hit the World Trade Center, the intercom beeped, followed by the announcement that a moment of silence would then be held in remembrance of those lost in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

While the inside of the school remained still, all JROTC constituents, dressed in full uniform, stood outside, encircling the flag pole. “It’s a big deal for the freshman,” said third-year JROTC participant, Emma Luginbuhl. “For the first time, they feel like they are actually apart of JROTC.” As the ceremony continued, members of the color guard proceeded to raise the American Flag, then lower it to half mast in commemoration of the events that occurred 13 years ago. “God Bless America” and the “Star-Spangled Banner” were sung in tribute as well. “It all felt very meaningful,” added Luginbuhl.

Although most high school students are too young to remember the events of September 11, the impact of the tragedy does not fail to be felt each year at Bellbrook High School.