Choreographers Paid to Make YouTube Videos?

by Alyssa Rogers

How is it that dance choreographers are being paid for their services, without actually coordinating a live performance? The answer is YouTube! That’s right, with YouTube partnerships there are thousands of video makers being paid to post content they specialize in. This includes funny videos, beauty and fashion videos, informational videos and so on. However in the past few years it’s become a norm for choreographers to video their creations and post them on YouTube. And within these few years it has become even more popular for these choreographers to make a production of the dance video, just as they would for a live performance, but exclusively virtual.

It is common for choreographers to tell a story with their pieces, and that’s why making these into videos has become so popular. Also this allows these choreographers to become somewhat self-employed. Instead of waiting for a production coordinator to reach out to them for specific performance needs, the choreographers can create anything they desire, without the guidelines they would normally have to follow. This allows their creative minds to come to life and inspiration to flow from dancer to dancer around the world, simply through a computer.

Some of the choreographers who have made their productions virtual include Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Mos Wanted Crew, Kyle Hanagami, Wildabeast Adams, and Mega Jam (Jasmine Meakin).

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