NFL Riddled With Domestic Violence Controversy

by Mitch Hughes

The National Football League season has been in season for four weeks now and has already seen two large-scale domestic violence disputes involving players. After a video of Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, beating his fiance in an elevator and then dragging her unconscious body surfaced recently via TMZ, actions by the Ravens organization and NFL were immediate. Rice was terminated from the Ravens’ roster and suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Rice has recently laid claim that the unreliable source, TMZ, edited the tape, arguing that his punishment is unjustified because of the fact that the tape is edited.

Rice is not the only NFL player currently wrapped up in domestic violence dispute. Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson’s violence wasn’t towards his spouse but his son. This is Peterson’s second child abuse case. In June, Peterson sent his son to visit his mother and she discovered a scar on his forehead. Peterson eventually admitted to punishing his son. As of now, Peterson has not faced any formal punishment. He has released a full statement to the media clearly stating he had no intention of harming his 4-year-old son while punishing him.

With Rice and Peterson wrapped up in domestic violence controversy, the NFL is under extreme pressure on its practices with dealing with matters like these. League commissioner Roger Goodell has been a missing entity throughout all of these disputes after it was made public that he was aware of Rice’s violent incident long before anything concerning the matter was released by media. Goodell’s handling of the matter has put him under the microscope as much as, if not more than, Rice or Peterson.


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