Men’s Soccer Aimed at 23rd Straight League Title

by Mitch Hughes

This year’s men’s soccer team, coached by Kevin Terrell and led by Captains Payne Sigman, Ryan Remaly, Josh Mauser, and Peter Cinibulk, has a record currently at 10-0-1, with their only tie being to a very tough Alter team. That record is especially noteworthy with a number of those victories being shut-outs, thanks to a solid defense and talented goalkeeper, Peter Cinibulk. The team only has six games remaining in the regular season before they move on to the tournament in which they hope to place well.

Bellbrook has a long history of excellence in the sport of soccer. In fact our men’s team has won 1st in the SWBL for soccer 22 consecutive years, which they hope to continue this year. It’s always an accomplishment for a team to win SWBL one year, let alone more than two decades. The team has also won districts the last two years, a feat that is inconceivably difficult to achieve.

The team has yet to be defeated this season, and defender Tony Ulring says, “I’d say we have a pretty good chance at remaining undefeated, as long as we play consistently no matter who we play.” This mindset suits the team well, because they still have two tough teams, Oakwood and Monroe, left to play this season. When asked what the team will have to work on to maintain their level of play, Ulring responded, “We have to play well as a team, and if we don’t work on all cylinders, we won’t be able to beat the elite teams.”


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