Couple Dead Only Hours After Their Wedding

​by Emily Engle

George Samson, 54, and Kelly Ecker Samson, 50, were married on Saturday night, October 4, with a reception and after-party continuing well into the night. Hours before the sun had risen on Sunday, both were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide carried out by George Samson.

​The Indiana doctor and nurse were both employed at a local hospital. They had no history of domestic abuse, but as Vigo County Sheriff Clark Cottom pointed out, that does not mean that there were not problems.

​Police are still interviewing wedding guests, but the dispute between the couple was subtle; many guests did not even realize there was tension. Those that did notice said the disagreement was the result of a verbal dispute near the end of the reception that carried over into the after party. According to Cottom, “It was apparent to some people that they were not speaking, but there were just as many people who said there wasn’t any problem.” Officials believe that the dispute possibly concerned the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

​The couple’s fight turned violent just minutes after the last guest left at 1:17 am. The first of four 911 calls from Kelly came at 1:25 am. In the first call, she had only time to give an address before the call cut off. In the second, she exclaimed, “He’s beating the [expletive] out of me!” followed by, “He has guns!” before the call again disconnected. By the fourth call, only screams and gunshots were heard.

​When police arrived at the house, an elderly relative of George’s led officers to the bedroom, where Kelly was found dead from head and chest wounds inflicted by shots from a .45-caliber handgun. The relative also informed police that George had locked himself in the basement with weapons. Fearing George’s escape into surrounding woods with multiple weapons, a SWAT team surrounded the house and sent a robot into the basement. The robot immediately discovered George’s body, dead from a shot to the head in apparent suicide.

​Throughout the fight, George’s elderly parents and Kelly’s young son remained in the house, hiding.

​According to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, George Samson was a registered federal firearms dealer possessing 90 to 100 guns and large amounts of ammunition in his house, all of which have been seized by police for safekeeping.