Did Someone Just Art? New Club at BHS

by Bridget Richard

Bellbrook High School has been introducing new clubs and groups this year, from foreign language to League of Legends. And one highly anticipated new club is the Art Club, led by Mrs. Fogarty. The group started in September, but any more students interested in signing up can attend the next meeting.

“The art club is a new after school opportunity at BHS for all students…” Mrs. Fogarty said. “I started the club this year as an opportunity for students to explore art mediums and material that we cannot use with an entire class.” Students will not have to be involved with an art class to participate in these projects.

The club has another interesting aspect to it too, as Fogarty explained, “Another goal for the BHS Art Club is to help with teacher requests for art work such as bulletin boards or props for the theater department. Rather than taking time from our regular art classes, the art club will fulfill those requests.”

Along with this, the club has different projects for every month. Fogarty commented, “In September the Art Club worked on tie dying canvas shoes. In October, the art club will complete a fall-themed project.”